Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making Cards

Last weekend I made 30 cards because my daughters workmates wanted some -so I thought I would stock up while I was at it.
I have told you before that I own around 100 different stamps and do I use them?--not very often except for the one that I put on the back of the card that says "Handmade by Doreen Grey".
This card is made using a piece of fabric that I stitched onto some white card stock that was then attached to a piece of red cardstock and then a white card.
I have added blue brads on her ears to look like earings.

The blue background piece of paper has a words image stamped on it and I have added some white ribbon and two pansy tiles.

This is one of my lady images that I have stamped onto white cardstock which was then mounted onto red cardstock and then attached to a white card.
Her red dress was made by stamping the image onto a piece of red scrap paper and then I cut around the red dress and glued it onto the image on the card. I then embellished the dress with glitter.
I love this stamp.

This card is made using a technique that we used in our journal class with Carole
The lady image is from a sheet of images that I have had for years and I forgot about.
I stitched the image onto a piece of painted watercolour paper that I had previously stamped the words image which was left over from the journal class and this was then stitched onto another piece of w/c paper which was then attached to a card.
I love making cards -I find it very relaxing and rewarding.


Janet said...

Doreen, these are beautiful! I love each and every one of them. The lady stamp is really cool. I bet that one would be a lot of fun....stamping her gown on all kinds of paper.

Heather said...

Lovely cards Doreen - I specially like the pansy one.

Angelcat said...

Your cards are lovely, I used to do a lot of card making and like you have lots of stamps and things I don't use too much any more, I really must dust them off and have a play

Suztats said...

Wow! Thirty cards in one weekend?! Amazing! They look fab!

Jenxo said...

Its so nice to recieve a handmade card too, these are lovely Doreen...

Val said...

Lovely cards Doreen - are they mixed fabric and paper or are they all paper.

Maureen said...

I LOVE your red lady Doreen. Am so glad to see you are as productive as ever

Maureen said...

lovely cards Doreen, you better get over here and help me make them for the charity box for 'pink day'!!

Dot said...

I know from personal experience how gorgeous your cards are Doreen. Dot xx

Gina E. said...

Hi Doreen, I love your cards! I don't do handmade cards often, but I saw on another blog where they used paper napkins to make cards, and they were stunning. Have you ever used paper serviettes to make your cards? This lady used something called Mod Podge to make her cards. I found that in Riot Art And Craft stores, but haven't bought any yet, as I want to learn more about the process of using it first.
Thanks for your comment on my blog about my linen collection. Yes, I'll be posting more photos as I go along!

Maureen said...

Gina (and others)
You don't need Modge Podge for the paper serviette cards.
An acrylic craft glue (diluted) works equally well.
If you need more info, I have blogged on
How to make paper fabric..using wrapping tissue, paper napkins and other papers(old sheet music)