Friday, July 2, 2010

Another signature

This is another signature front cover page--------------

And the back cover page-------

Page 1 and 2----left is a hand made card from Maureen and right is a card that I got years ago.

Pages 3 and 4----left is the inside of the card with a small doiley glued on.
Right side is a beautiful serviette which has been glued over a piece of sheet music and a strip of silk lace that has been glued down the edge.
I took it off a very old silk christening dress that was full of moth holes.

Pages 5 and 6--the reverse side of the sheet music and another serviette with some lace and fabric stitched to it.

Pages 7 and 8---the other side of the pansy serviette plus the other inside of the card which has a lady transfered on fabric---this was from a sheet of fabric transfers that I purchased at a craft show about 5 years ago.
I wish I was allowed to cut those threads off but if I do Carole might expel me from the class.

Pages 9 and 10---the back of of the small card with another fabric transfer.
I had trouble getting these transfers to come out properly--they were very green so I took to it with some very fine grit sandpaper and distressed it up a bit.
I rather like it now--better than it was before anyway.

Back tomorrow with the other signature.


Nancy said...

You have made wonderful progress and the journal pages are looking good. Mine is progressing, but kind of piecemeal as I skip around among the pages, adding something here and something there. Put those scissors down!


Doreen ... it's all looking wonderful. I am so enjoying Carole's class. I shall be back on the blog this weekend, catching up with embellishing, TAP and whatnot.

Have a lovely weekend x

Heather said...

Lovely pages Doreen - your book will be a volume of beautiful little treasures.

Lottie said...

Utterly stunning pages - I have looked at them all.

I have just enrolled on this course - and feel rather daunted having seeing your stunning work

Magpie's Mumblings said...

My favourite is the page with the poppies (I love poppies). And don't you dare cut the threads off because they add to the charm!! I'd expel you too.
LOL - guess what the word verification is? "Prity"