Sunday, July 4, 2010

Gifts in the Mail

I received a wonderful surprise this week from my dear friend Dot.
In the parcel was this postcard size piece of her art and it is absolutely beautiful.
I love the colours and the crystal beads just shimmer in the sunlight.

Dot also included an ATC for Ebony in the same colours which happen to be her favourite colours at this time in her life.
Also in the package was this beautiful hand knitted scarf in a glorious sparkly jade green colour which suits my colouring so well.

Thank you Dot for your gifts which will be treasured forever--especially the scarf which has come in very handy over these last few cold days


Jenxo said...

awww how lovely, what a lovely lady and friend she is....


Beautiful pressies Doreen. I hope to have a piece of Dot's work one day :o)

Heather said...

What lovely gifts Doreen - all my favourite colours too.

Janet said...

How wonderful to have such beautiful gifts from Dot. She is an amazingly creative artist.

Dot said...

Oh thanks for mentioning my gifts Doreen! I am so happy you liked the scarf and postcard. And that gorgeous Ebony liked the ATC I made for her.
It brought me much joy to create for you and Ebony.
Much love
Dot xx