Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Know I Have Been Quiet Lately but----

-----I have been doing something.
At the end of September is the Embroiderers Guild annual exhibition and I have been busy finishing off all the bits and pieces that I have entered into it.
Now you won't find any wonderful framed Cross Stitched pieces from me or beautiful Hardanger table pieces -no siree.
We are lucky at our Guild because we have groups like the Paper Arts Group that create amazing mixed media pieces which can be entered in the exhibition as long as there is some form of stitching on them-either by hand or machine.
Here is one of the pieces that I have entered.
It is inspired by an article in issue 12 of Cloth Paper Scissors by Beryl Taylor.
I have used hand made paper for the base of each page.
Each page has a motif made of 3 different hand made papers and several different pieces of lace plus a button and a bead.
Each motif has stitching on it and each is different.
There is running stitch also along the top of each page.
I have made beads from the same hand made paper that is the base-the bigger ones are on top of the support poles and the smaller ones which form the tassels that hang off the poles.
I apologise for making the photos too small but if you click on them then they will enlarge.

The back of each page has two skeleton leaves and a button like the one that is on the front.

I am rather pleased with the way this has turned out.


Aussie Jo said...

Fantastic Doreen, the colours are wonderfully subtle.
Did you make the paper yourself??


Doreen, you should be rightly pleased with your gorgeous work. I would love to have seen this up close in real life. Good luck with your exhibition. You are sure to get some lovely feedback

Best wishes
Carolyn ♥

ps. I love Beryl Taylor's work too. I did a whole project on her while I was studying mixed media at college. I will post some bits I made very soon x

Fran├žoise said...

This is lovely! I like the back of the pages too.

Heather said...

No wonder you are pleased with it Doreen - it's wonderful. I love Beryl Taylor's work too and have her book. It is so inspirational. Good luck with the exhibition.

Jacquelines blog said...

I love it Doreen!!!

Robin Mac said...

No wonder you are pleased Doreen, the whole thing is gorgeous. I love Beryl Taylor's work too. Cheers, Robin

Paula Hewitt said...

it looks great. an embroidery display with nothing but cross stitch and hardanger (no matter how lovely) would be dull indeed.

Pat said...

It's beautiful Doreen, I love the paper bead finials and tassels. In fact I think it would be best displayed on my window ledge:-).

Jacky said...

This looks fantastic should be very proud. I loved the article in CPS and put it on my list of "to do"...still havent "done". You have done a brilliant job!

Jacky xox

Joei Rhode Island said...

Lovely Doreen! Beryl's work is great..but you picked out the simplicity and made the best of it. Hold your head high in the cross stitch group. =-)

Doris said...

beautiful work Doreen, stunning.

Maureen said...

A great piece Doreen!!! - hope you had a happy birthday

Anneke said...

looks very elegant and beautiful

kay susan said...

Oh I like that! I really do! Very pretty, and a nice way to display treasures.

Val said...

Just gorgeous my friend - love the simplicity, the 'whiteness' - just beautiful. I'm sure you will get some lovely verbal comments while it is on display too!

Margaret LaVonne Hall said... pretty, Noreen..and a belated H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y!!
I love the delicate side of this craft...I would not know where to begin, however...But, I am studying ATC's, ACEO's, and 4x4 and 5X5....Interesting stuff...Will be back soon to visit, and see what else you are up to!!

Jan said...

This is just beautiful Doreen... Love the simplicity. Love your fairy postcard too!
I hope you are well.... thank you for popping by to my blog.