Sunday, September 20, 2009

But wait there's more

Here are a couple of other things that I have finished.
Both are made from samples that I have had hanging around for about 7 years.
The photos are not good but I have taken so many pics of them that I am sick of trying to get some good ones -so what you see is what you get.
In real life the red one is much brighter and sparkly.
The centre piece is Panne Velvet (stretchy type) with a nappy liner (that had been coloured with oil sticks) ironed onto it-then some vliesofix-gold foil and a red chiffon scarfe was added as well.
It was then zapped with the heat gun-I added some hand made beads and some hand stitching.
I stitched it onto a piece of black felt and the some red felt and then mounted it onto a box canvas that I painted black.

This one was really hard to take a photo of and this really does not do justice to the piece.
I had thought that I would not show you this but I then thought "what the heck".
The base of the background was the same technique as the previous one and it has a real crunchy textural look to it.
It is mounted firstly onto a piece of heavy Silk which has gold metallic fibres running one way and a blue thread going the other way.
I placed this over a piece of green felt by accident one day and it changed to the colour of the base piece.
I have embellished this with hand made beads-glass beads and hand stitching.
Then how to display it became a problem--no matter what I did it looked funny until I remembered that Lynda (Purple Missus) has sent me some sheets of Lutradur that she had coloured when preparing samples for her book (which you all should have by now).
I stitched them together with long straight stitches which seem to make it look puckered in the photo but in reality it isn't.
(I don't know why blogger has changed the font all of a sudden but I 'm not going to look for the reason either).
Now if you are all good today then tomorrow I may show you my finished piece from the Maggie Grey workshop that I did in Perth in August when I was there.


Janet said...

Doreen, you always have the most gorgeous ideas! Both of these are beautiful....and you make it sound as if you just "threw" them together.

I'll be as good as I can....but no promises!!

Neverland said...

Your work is always stunning.
I am so envious of your commitment.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Good? Oh dear. Guess I won't get to see the pics then...sigh.
Seriously...I like these pieces!!

Penny said...

Especially love the second one, it is amazing how suddenly bits we did as samples come together when properly mounted
they look great.

Heather said...

Both these pieces are lovely Doreen - such gorgeous crunchy texture. I like both of them but the gold one is my favourite. I'm being ever so good (!) and looking forward to tomorrow.

Aussie Jo said...

Fantastic Doreen, beautiful colour and texture

Robin Mac said...

I love them both Doreen and I am being very good so I get to see the Maggie workshop finished piece tomorrow! Cheers, Robin