Saturday, September 26, 2009

I Survived Day One--

-------only two more days to go.
Well to continue the saga of the magazines---when I arrived at the exhibition they had already been moved by one of my helpers and her wonderful husband.
We had a very busy day on our stand -in fact after telling you all about how much "stuff" we had I think all that we will have left on day 3 will be all those magazines and a few books.
I mentioned that under these tables were boxes full of more things to go out on the tables--well we have no more reserve books and 3 small boxes of fabrics and 2 very small boxes of bit and pieces.
Some of the things that we sold yesterday were a Melting Pot--one of those big cushion things that they use for lace making--big stand up embroidery frames--vintage doylies and piles of wool blanketing and silk dress fabrics plus a heap of Patchwork tools.
You can see in this photo a lady looking at some of the books we had -then the next section is threads etc.

This is the corner section--fabrics to the right --"stuff" to the left.
I had to ask the customers to move so I could take the photo.
The two helpers were sorting out more things to put out on the table.

This is the middle section between the books and the corner-I know it looks a bit messy but the bargain hunters had just swarmed by.
A lot of browsing goes on at this table and great discussions between customers.

Here is the offending magazine table--there are 5 of those boxes on the table and another 5 underneath.
There's Embroidery magazines-Cross Stitch ones-Patchwork ones Sewing ones -you name it we have it.
When it is over I will just keep the Embroidery ones and send the rest to the opshop---won't they be happy.

Like I said before --only two days to go--but I'm loving it.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Sure do wish I could be there!! Here's a thought...what if...on the last gave each buyer a couple of magazines in with their purchase at no charge?? That way you'd get rid of them and the customers would think they were getting something extra.

Christine said...

Hey, I love MaryAnne's suggestion, VBG. Sounds like you have a busy weekend Doreen, hope you have some time to hae a look around yourself. Our big bi-ennial exhibition is in May 2010, so I have all this to look foward to, LOL. The Guild is lucky to have volunteers like you, well done.

Heather said...

Ooh! I'd have bought the Melting Pot Doreen. I keep thinking about getting one but get a bit mean every now and then! Your tables laden with goodies look fantastic and just the place for a good old browse and rummage. You'll soon be able to put your feet up and think of all the lovely funds you've raised. Well done.

Doris said...

all sound like abusy time, but fun too!. take care.