Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Challenge Piece for the Exhibition

This years Challenge for the Guild exhibition was a real challenge.
The rules were to create a 3D container that was embellished with one of the stitches listed which were running stitch and variations of it, like --whipped-laced-threaded etc.
A piece of fabric 50cm x 70cm any fabric any colour.
Threads--any type any colour.
Other embellishments--limited to 2 buttons.
You must have at least 50% of the fabric visible and use at least one button.
I had a piece of hand dyed silk which was 50 x 70 cm which I crinkled by wetting it and then twisting it up into a roll and letting it dry like that.
When it was dry the crinkles were permanently set into position.

I then ironed it onto a very fine cotton iron on interfacing to set the pleats.
Next I did the stitching using Running stitch which is my second most favourite stitch after French Knots and I also added the button.

Then the big challenge came---I used a container that somene had given me which originally had a bottle of whisky in it and I lined it with felt on the outside to give the box some substance.

The fabric was the correct size for the outside but when I folded it over to create the lining it was too big so I had to put darts in it and the drama that followed and the language that I was using (under my breath that is) was not befitting a lady of my standing :-}

Anyway here is a picture of the finished "container".This is the front view-------

And the side view------------

Now the story takes a twist---because I couldn't get the inside piece to fit properly, I decide to piece some bits that I had trimmed off the edges when I was straightening the fabric in the first place--and I made a square to fit inside the top to cover up the messy lining and I also added some running stitch as well.

This is a view of it lying down.

Phew am I glad this is over, and if anyone asks me what it is I am going to say it's a "Secrets Container"--end of story.


Neverland said...

Wow, I am so amazed at your patience! I am not so lady like... I really do swear! Its so nice to see your work, Its a great piece,I so love the part with the stitching, the work that must have gone into this! the vibrant color, full of life! Kudos, I love it!
it was sure worth the trouble.

Dot said...

This is brilliant Doreen!

Aussie Jo said...

Fantastic Doreen, I love the vibrant colour and the pleating. Does the wet and scrunch work with synthetics like organza do you know??
It was all worth it wasn't it, nothing like a dadline for creativity!!!


Very beautiful Doreen - a real work of art!

Maureen said...

It's great Doreen, love the colours and I don't believe you used that much bad language!!!!

Heather said...

It was certainly worth all that effort (and swearing!)Doreen. It's beautiful and the colours are gorgeous. I love the texture you got by crinkling the silk before you started.

Paula Hewitt said...

well I think it should be a swear jar. you could keep it on the sewing table ready for your next challenge... and it looks like there is plenty of room in there for lots of 10c pieces!
it looks great - it will be a hit at the exhibition!

Robin Mac said...

Just gorgeous Doreen, I love your description of creating it too - I would have been doing the swearing out loud - and often - I think, but the finished article is worthy of being on permanent display! Cheers, Robin

kiwicarole said...

well done! very clever. Very effective too!
carole ;)

Penny said...

Looks great, love the colour and yes my swearing would be out loud.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I can't imagine you uttering any sort of off-colour words, sweet little lady as you are! No matter, words or no, this piece is the colours.

Julie H said...

Your "Secrets Container" is perfect! I am sure it will be a hit.

Sandy said...

It's great-so lush.

linda stokes said...

Fabulous Doreen! love the colours & texture.

Janet said...

Incredible! The colors are luscious.

But you were saying some bad words!! I can't believe that!! (wink wink) Maybe those are the secrets your box contains.