Saturday, September 12, 2009

Embroidered Garden

Another one finished for the exhibition.
I purchased the printed background picture and have had it for years.
I started to embroider it about 5 years ago and every now and then I would put a few more stitches on it.
Then I decided to take it on holidays with me this year as I could pick it up and do some more to it whenever I had free time.
I decided to put it in the exhibition this year because they needed extra things as the numbers were down a bit.
I have a lovely old frame that I call "old reliable" which I will use -and I have a new mount board to go around the embroidery.
"Old Reliabe" trots out each year--when I have something to frame for the exhibition which will be used for something else later on in the year and the same applies this year.
When the exhibition is over I will take the embroidery out and use it for the other purpose which I will explain later on.

I have use DMC floss-- silk ribbon and also silver metallic machine embroidery thread.
The stitches are French Knots -Cross Stitch-- Straight Stitch and I have just noticed Bullion Stitch as well.
This is a corner section of "Old Reliable"

Now on to finish the other stuff.


Heather said...

What a lovely effect you have got by stitching on the printed design. It will look wonderful in your 'old reliable' frame Doreen.

Joei Rhode Island said...

This is know I adore embroidery work. The scene is perfect for "Old Reliable" too.

Janet said...

"Old Reliable" is very pretty and the embroidered garden should look just right in it. I like all the flowers you've it dimension.

Dotti said...

I never would have thought to take a commercially printed cloth and use it as a base for hand embroidery. This is quite clever!

Ati. said...

looks lovely Doreen. never tought to embroider on a bought piece but the result is great!

Paula Hewitt said...

it looks lovely. i tried to do this once - pick out the details on a print with embroidery and messed it up - i didnt know when to stop - so i ended up covering one whole section with stitches , it didnt look good so then i got bored and it looks all lopsided and its hidden somewhere...
ps: how does Stephen like sharing his nickname with a picture frame? :)


Doreen, it's lovely, it must have taken you ages even though it is printed. It should rightly be displayed for all to see

Aussie Jo said...

Lovely stitching Doreen.
What will you do if someone wants to buy it with the frame????

Sandy said...

It's lovely.

Dot said...

You are so clever Doreen.
Dot xx