Friday, September 25, 2009


No photos today-I am too tired to upload them to the computer.
Yesterday we set up for the exhibition--or should I say other people set up the exhibition.
I was busy setting up the Recycle table ( here after to be called the RCT).
I arrived at Albert Hall at about 8.15 am--unloaded my "stuff" from the car(which was chockers I might add)
People started arriving with all their treasures for the RCT and I had to check off their sheets to make sure they had what was listed on said sheets (one lady had over 300 items).
Well to say I had a lot of "stuff" is an understatement.
I had boxes and boxes and boxes that had been donated at the Guild and the consignments things as well.
They had issued me with 3 folding tables--I had enough books and magazines for 3 tables-so I scrounged another one.
At least I had enough room for the fabric.
What about the threads and kits and laces and frames and--and--and-----------
So I managed to scrounge another table--where to put it--------.
OK so I have found a spot---decided to move the magazines over to the new table out of the way because the ladies stand in front of the styrene foam broccoli boxes seeking their missing issues of certain magazines--all 10 of these boxes were moved--5 on the table-5 under the table for replentishing stock.
Underneath the other 4 tables were boxes and bags full of replentishing supplies as well.
We finally finished setting up by 3.30pm.
I went home and just as I walked through the door the phone was ringing--this is the conversation--
"Doreen it's Annette here"
"Hi Annette"
"You're going to hate me"
"Well you know where you put the table with all the magazine on it"
"You are blocking an Exit door-you will have to move them".
"Shit--who put that neon exit sign over the door"
Now I was too b----- busy to even look up and notice any signs and it wouldn't have twigged anyway because I just wanted to put them somewhere-anywhere.
I was back at the hall by 6.30pm--didn't have time to move them before the official opening so I figured if there's a fire they would just have to hurdle over the top of the #*%#*# things ---after me that is.
The official opening time today is 10am and as you have all guessed I will be there at 9am trying to round up a couple of able bodied men to help me--fat chance I hear you say.
I can live in hope can't I.
I will see you soon --if I survive the madness.


Aussie Jo said...

Good luck Doreen, I'm sure it will all go fantastically and you'll make a packet of money for the Guild

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh the mental image of people hurtling over the magazine table (probably grabbing what they could on the way out). Funny visual, but NOT something we want to see happen.
Gosh I wish I could come to that sale!!

Penny said...

Hang in there Doreen, wish I was going to be there to fossic through all that stuff, sounds fantastic.
Off on Tuesday, not at all ready but I suppose we will get away on time. Looking forward to Ally Pally.
Cheers Penny

Pat said...

Ayeee! Books are so b... heavy. Hope you find a space AND help. Take care of yourself.

Doris said...

good luck Doreen,and take care your back.i hope someone help you.

Heather said...

I felt tired just reading through this post! It's a great idea to have a recycling table(s) - we can only do it according to the venue being used as so often there just isn't enough room - it's a great way of raising a bit of extra cash. Good Luck with it all and I'm sure you'll do well. Don't work too hard!!

Paula Hewitt said...

i think that beautiful fabric swear jar you made must be just about full by now ;)