Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Can See The Light ----------------

----------at the end of the tunnel.
No pictures today--just reporting in to say I am still standing--only just.
I put a big scare into everyone yesterday.
I had an awful pain in my chest-well not really my chest but the centre of it above my tummy.
The girls on my stall pannicked--not me because I have had it before and all I really needed was to burp.
So one of them took me out to the lounge area outside the toilet and went looking for a fizzy drink for me (it makes me burp).
The next thing I knew there was a doctor standing over me (she is one of our guild members) and she was examining my chest etc (talk about a drama)
Her diagnosis--reflux--and about 15 minutes later I burped very loud (I was outside I might add).
The offending food was a piece of Banana cake.
I can see the funny side of it (and I hope you can too) but they were still worried when I left at 5pm.
No Banana cake for me today.
Anyway we have just about sold everything (except for the books and magazines) so I came home last night and went through my cupboards to find more stuff to sell.
So I am off again this morning all loaded up but not with my precious stuff just unwanted things.


Robin Mac said...

Oh Doreen, as a sufferer of reflux I can really see the funny side of your story! I have just caught up with your two previous posts as well and had a good laught over the saga of the books - and those so precious Exits!!! Cheers, Robin

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Stay away from banana cake! Bet you scared a few people out of a years' growth though. I'm very glad it was only a burp!

Heather said...

Glad you're OK Doreen. I had shingles two years ago from right shoulder blade, under my arm and across to the centre of my chest. I still get the pains now and it is 'comforting' to know that's what they are! I also get indigestion when I'm stressed. Take care and have a good rest next week. Congratulations on doing such a great job with your stall.

Susan D said...

I can see the funny side as well, but if you don't know what it is it can be very frightening. I like coleslaw but it doesn't like me, I had the same thing a few years ago I thought I was dying until as you say you give a good burp.

Julie H said...

Oh Doreen you made me giggle - admitting publicly you burp :)

More serously, congratulations on the fantastic sale! Enjoy some hard earned rest now.


Oh Doreen you still need to take care. Good news though that you sold out!

Paula Hewitt said...


Sandy said...

Glad you're OK. I can see why they were worried.

Joei Rhode Island said...

You are too silly!!
Glad your sale is going so well...even when you take a Time Out..LOL.

Maureen said...

Glad it was just the banana cake that was the problem. Your stall looks wonderful, made me want to jump on a plane to get to see it - and believe me it must be good if I can contemplate flying!!

Debbi Baker said...

My goodness I bet you gave them all a scare. Hope you are fully recovered from the whole weekend and enjoying getting back to some hands-on art!!

Doris said...

i cant avoid to giggle with the public burp,, but is painful before the burp, my mother have reflux,,and one day she feel a great pain in the chest,,she go to ER, all the people there supect to heart attack,,and no,,was very painful,,i am gald that you feel better.

Janet said...

OMG! I haven't been by to visit for awhile and now I learn you've been feeling bad. I can definitely sympathize with you on this one as I suffer from the same thing. I have to watch what I eat and even so I still have problems from time to time. I hope you're feeling better.