Monday, October 5, 2009

September Calendar Girls Postcards

At last I have something to show you.
Finally after one week I have recovered from the hectic Guild exhibition and I have created something.
I am very late with my Calendar Girls Postcard but I just didn't have time to do it in September.
This months page is Pat's choice-----

---and Pat was my swap partner as well.
I chose to focus on the semi circle lines and the trees in the picture.
I used dark green felt as the base and used the embellisher to add 3 different shades of green fleece to it.
I then added some of the fibres pictured below to form the lines and next I added a piece of creamy/green chiffon scarfe and ran this all through the embellisher again.
I found three buttons that to me looked like the trees in the picture-stitched them on and ta-da it's done.
I hope Pat likes it.

The fibres---------

And this is the postcard that I received from Debbi---thanks Debbi I love it.

Now onto the October page which really has me stumped for ideas.


Aussie Jo said...

Well done Doreen, hope you recover quickly.

Pat said...

beautiful work doreen. love your work!

kiwicarole said...

I like the colours you used, excellent effects with the wool.
carole ;)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I like to see the interpretations of the original picture. You did a great job with this one!!

Dot said...

Beatiful work Doreen! Lovely colors. Hope you have recovered from your Banana cake adventure (burp!).
Dot xx

Susan said...

Beautiful recent work....please take care of yourself! No more banana cake!


Hi Doreen, thanks so much for your visit today

I love this idea of focusing in on the theme page and producing work from it. It's just like I did at College and I miss this design process. I always always find it so interesting how so many different design ideas come from one starting point

Both pieces are wonderful

Thank you for showing!

Carolyn xx

Doris said...

beautiful!, this work,remeber me two hill and in the middle a valley, with a house below, and in the house a party..i love it.

Heather said...

Glad you are feeling better Doreen. I love both postcards - the soft colours you have worked in are lovely. Good luck with the next one - inspiration will come to you.

Janet said...

Doreen, you always come up with such interesting ideas when you do these calendar pieces. I love the way you interpreted this one....simple and beautiful.