Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Book

I am doing the free online workshops that came as part of the deal when I purchased both Lynda and Carol's book "Stitching the Textured Surface" and Maggie Greys book "Stitches Straps and Layers".
Lynda had the first workshop and she gave instructions on how to make what she has called a "Doodle book".
It is made from baby wipes and paper and card.
This is my finished book.
The cover--------------

Standing up---------------

and laying out flat-----

An artsy view of the open book

And some of the signatures----------

and more-----------

the last one.

I am quite pleased with this and the fact that I finished it is a plus also because I usually get all the info and do all the samples and then I don't go through to the end.
Now to start on Maggies lesson.


Pat said...

oh i like that book! really like it. and could have look some more too.

Dot said...

You have done a lovely job Doreen. Beautiful colors too!

Penny said...

I am itching to get on with this, I thought they would make good Christmas presents for grand daughters of a certain age. I am still trying to get the things done here though, after a trip like ours it all takes time and mares are foaling all the time too. AND its got horribly hot!!
Moan moan.

Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous Doreen, I love the colours too.

Janet said...

Your book is great! I love the stitching on the spine and the pages are so pretty, soft and pastel. Baby wipes!! I would never have guessed that!

Jacquelines blog said...

Looks lovely Doreen!!!

Doris said...

pretty work endeed, lovely colors too.

Heather said...

Your book is wonderful Doreen and I love the colours you have used. I have read the instructions but not started yet, so will be way behind everyone else. Right now I am pleased I can leave you a comment - this wretched machine is driving me mad and very often it wont let me leave a comment.

Sandy said...

It turned out beautifully. Now I need to do mine.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Lovely book Doreen! The colours are so pretty (it's much too pretty to actually USE though!).

Micki said...

Your book looks great Doreen. Lovely colors. I haven't started on either lesson as yet. Not sure when I will get to it.


Hello Doreen

You won a prize in my giveaway. A textile art/creative inspiration pack and heart. Here is my email address:

Please can you contact me and let me have your address so I may send your parcel to you

Very best wishes

Joei Rhode Island said...

Lovely book Doreen. The pastels will make a lovely background for someone ...if they can stand to draw or write on such beautiful pages.

Annie said...

Love your "Doodle Book". Must have a try at doing mine

Maureen said...

No more UFO's for you Doreen! - that little book is lovely - carry on crafting!

linda stokes said...

Looks great Doreen! I've got as far as a quick look at the lessons.

Renee Troy said...

That is a fabulous book. Great job!


I do love all the various papers and pages in your book Doreen. So glad you had the satisfaction of finishing it too. I really need to check out these workshops!

Carolyn ♥