Thursday, November 5, 2009

Second Book

This is the second book that I am making as part of the online workshops with Maggie- Lynda and Carol.
In the last post I showed the Doodle book that Lynda showed us how to make and this one is from Maggies instructions.
This is the open book showing the back and front covers.
I didn't use the copper foil on the back cover because I wanted to have one cover with the copper base and one without.

Here is the front with the copper foil scrunched up and glued to the cover.

Tissue paper was added and then sprayed with Starburst sprays.

Now I have to make the spine.


Aussie Jo said...

Looking fabulous Doreen, and gorgeous colours.
Cheers Jo

Penny said...

They have been fun havent they.

Julie H said...

Ooh what a fantastic effect!

Heather said...

Another gorgeous book Doreen - you put me to shame, but I have been taken over by this medieval book of mine. I have all the stuff for the online classes, so when I have a breathing space I'll certainly have a go. You have definitely whetted my appetite - your books are beautiful.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Looks like you've been having lots of fun....and making some great books. These would make great presents for the budding artists in your family.
Wish I had time to take some on-line classes.


Doreen, the book is wonderful and I love that scrunched up copper foil. There are endless possibilities for colour themes with this method ... mmmmm .....

Have a lovely day :o)

Carolyn ♥

Doris said...

lovely effect, i like the texture of cooper.

Dot said...

Lovely work as always Doreen. And the colors sing to my heart!