Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh My Gosh !!!!

Several weeks ago Carolyn had a give away on her blog and I was lucky (and I really mean that) enough to be the winner.
Well yesterday when I went to the PO box there was this big parcel waiting for me--it wouldn't fit in our normal PO Box so they left a key in it so I could go to another box and open it to get my parcel out.
I was dumbfounded when I saw this package inside the box.
I wondered what on earth could be inside.

I couldn't believe my eyes.
3 big packages filled to the brim with the most wonderful treasures I have ever seen.

This one was full of Autumn tones--fabric-- papers--fibres--beads--ribbons--embellishments--all there waiting for me to caress.

Then there was this purple one--yummy purple of every shade-tone or whatever it is called.
Again-fabric-papers-threads-ribbons-beads-ephemera-oh the joy----

A close up------

Some hand painted papers-(sorry about the photo but you can get the idea of what it is like)---

Another purple packet-----this one had purple wire in it and silk cocoons and some gorgeous purple flowers with glitter (in the bottom right hand corner)

A close up of the hand made beads and silk cocoons---

Now when I won the give away I thought that I was winning this gorgeous little heart.
I ask you --Am I the most lucky girl to have won this wonderful-amazing prize.
Eat your heart out Janet B--all this purple stuff-----

I bet Australia Post didn't see this little beauty tucked away inside.

Christmas sure has come early at my place.
Thank you so much Carolyn you are indeed a most generous person and I will treasure every little item in this wonderful gift.


Penny said...

All I can say is Wow Doreen! Lucky lucky you.

Aussie Jo said...

I'm sure you will put them to good use Doreen, gorgeous.

Heather said...

What a lovely fat parcel you received, and all those amazing treasures inside. I know you will put them all to good use - they'll keep you out of mischief for ages!! You will show us what you do with them, won't you?

Joei Rhode Island said...

Doreen...good thing you have such a creative talent to use all that fab stuff! What a pleasant surprise! Better than a shopping spree. Can't wait to see what you'll do with it.

Françoise said...

Wow! It's like receiving a treasure chest. Lucky you!


Oh yes Doreen, I would love to see one or two things you do with the bits n bobs I sent you. I'm so pleased it arrived safely and more to the point that you are pleased with it. Thanks for posting about it! I will add you to my list of thanks you's I've just done on my blog

Have a lovely time
Carolyn xx

Paula Hewitt said...

wow Doreen - lucky you. that should keep you busy for a bit longer!

Dot said...

Wowee! What a wonderful package Doreen! Look forward to seeing what you create with these goodies my dear. Carolyn is a sweetheart and so are you.
Dot xx
P.S Would love to catch up with you when you are in Melbourne. We need to set a date!

Corryna Janssen said...

You are so lucky. What a great and generous gift!

Janet said...

Oh, Doreen, I'm so jealous! All that gorgeous purple "stuff"....you truly are a lucky gal! What a wonderful gift to receive.

kiwicarole said...

Wow! What a fantastic prize!! No housework for a few days while you play with your new winnings! lol