Sunday, November 29, 2009

Calender Girls postcard for December

I know I am early with this postcard but we are going to Melbourne for a week and I wanted to get my blog all up to date before we wnt.
The December calendar page was chosen by Neki and I thought if ever a picture said "use the embellisher" this one did.
It reminds me of my "swoopy" photos that I took when I was in Perth in August this year.

This month I had to send to Sharon and I know she has received it already so I am not spoiling any surprises by showing it now.
The reason I sent it off early was to beat the Christmas postal rush.
The background is black wool rovings embellished onto navy felt and then I used wool fibres to form the outer circles and I ran it under the embellishe to blend it all together.

This year we have had a variety of pages that really tested us but at least we can end the year with one of the easier ones.


Heather said...

You've really captured that light airy feeling of the original picture Doreen - it's beautiful.

Janet said...

At first I thought you had posted the same photo twice! Then I realized that the second one was the postcard you made. It looks just like the original! You did a fantastic job capturing it.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Yes...I remember those swoopy photos with Maggie Grey wasn't it?
Yes, this is the same feeling...lines of light with lots of movement.
You got it again Doreen

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I think you saved one of the nicest ones for last! It took me a minute to figure out which was the original and which was the one you created. Well done!!

Doris said...

beautiful, you make a great job!.