Sunday, December 6, 2009

We're back-- with a story to tell

We have just returned after having an enjoyable week away in Melbourne.
The weather was great-the food was even better and to say that I had a wonderful time would be an understatement except for one thing---------------

We stayed in a lovely apartment right in the centre of the city-we have stayed there on several other occasions and have always been happy.
This time we were on the eighth floor facing onto the busy street with trams dinging on their way up and down and they didn't disturb us at all.
There were lifts to get us up and down without any trouble--until--Thursday.
When I was leaving to go shopping (again) early on Thursday morning I was informed by a staff member that the lifts weren't working at present.
"For how long?" asks I.
"It won't be long" was the reply.
"Well how do I get down to the ground floor then?" I asked seriously.
He opened a door and pointed at the above (photo).
"You're joking "says I.
A blank look came back at me.
"I am nearly 70 years old" I said "and you expect me to walk down there?"
OK so getting down wasn't going to be a problem really--but--
"When will they be fixed?I asked.
"Oh it won't be long--the mechanics are doing it already".
Fair enough--so off I went.
When I reached the ground floor sure enough there were the mechanics standing outside the lift door talking to a person stuck inside the lift.
"It's only one of the cleaning staff"says a mechanic--
I thought-- she may be only a member of the cleaning staff but she must be scared out of her wits.
Anyway off I went shopping and returned about 90 minutes later---the b----y thing was still not working.
Stephen was still up in the room so I phoned him and said I was going to come up the stairwell and if I wasn't there in about 10 minutes to come looking for me.
After much huffing and puffing and stopping and sitting down on the stairs -I made it to the eighth floor.
Phew !!
At about 1.30 pm we were going down the street to catch the train out to my sister's for the afternoon but discovered that the lifts were still not fixed.
So off we went-down the 8 flights of stairs passing people lumping suitcases up the stairs and people with prams and kids as well-(I discovered later one poor lady was going to the 11th floor).
When we returned at around 9 pm the lifts were working--well sort of---.
We had a security fob key that you had to swipe after hours to get the lifts to work(supposedly).
Ours didn't work (but it had before).
By this stage there were about half a dozen people trying to get the damn thing without any luck.
We got out and off it went up without us.
Stephen refused to get in it again and he headed off up the stairwell--me I thought no I am going to wait for someone else to come along and go up with them.
Sure enough a gentleman arrived who lives in one of the apartments and he pushed all the right buttons and off we went up to the 5th floor and then it started to go down again and stopped at the basement.
The gentleman told me I should get out as it may take it a while to start going again.
Now that's a lot of help--I now had an extra flight of stairs to climb.
Well I started climbing--I could see a funny side to the whole saga.
Halfway up I heard Stephen calling out "are you down there Doreen"?
Like where else would I be?
I finally made it to the eighth floor and puffed my way into the reception area which happened to also be on the eighth floor and told the poor bloke sitting in his lovely soft chair that I was not impressed.
Now I know it was not his fault but I had to lash out at someone didn't I.
When I went to the room Stephen presented me with a lovely bottle of wine that the little man in his cushy chair had left for us as a "gift".
Not much use to us--we don't drink.
The next morning everything was back to normal--I got the little man in the cushy chair to get on the internet to confirm my seats on the plane to come home on Saturday morning---and I gave him the bottle of wine--and he was happy.
Lucky him.
Oh and I will go back and stay there again because it is such a wonderful place to stay.
Oh and by the way-each flight of stairs consisted of eight steps- a landing- and two steps and another landing and eight steps and another landing.


Janet said...

Wow....that's quite an experience! I bet you never want to see another flight of stairs for a long time!! I'm not sure I would have made it up and down as many times as you did.

Jenxo said...

lol, my poor old knees would never have coped.....

Dot said...

You poor thing Doreen. What a terrible thing to have happened. I would have had steam coming out of my ears if it was me! And would have probably whacked the man in the comfy chair with the bottle of wine.
Glad you had a enjoyable trip aside from that. I loved seeing you and having a long catch up.

Hilary Metcalf said...

Oh Doreen - my knees ached just reading your post. Glad to see you soldiered on regardless though. So, where do you stay in Melbourne? I will be going down again next year when grandchild number 2 arrives, so happy for any recommendations.

Fran├žoise said...

You must be very fit by now! ;-)
I guess you're glad to be home to get some rest. (Do you have stairs at home?..)

Ati. said...

Nice to have you back Doreen. It seems to me that you are in an exelent condition for a lady, nearly 70! LOL

verobirdie said...

OMG, that's awful§ Elevators are nice as long as they work. This summer there has been a story of a couple living on the 5th floor, who spent 2 months living in their car instead, because the lady could not walk, and the elevators were out of order...
Otherwise, glad you had a great time.

Aussie Jo said...

I hope you had plenty of cappuccinos and cake to keep your strength up Doreen!
Next time you come down south I will take you to the gym with me.
Looking forward to hearing more stories of your visit, it's never dull!!!

Susan D said...

OMG Doreen what an experience you could have done without. I was huffing and puffing just reading it. Glad you had a nice time despite the elevator mishap.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh my. I feel SO sorry for you - nothing is worse than having to climb a ton of stairs and then to have to do it more than once is just plain painful. I'm glad you survived the ordeal and at least are able to see somewhat the funny side.

Maureen said...

Just think how fit you must be now Doreen but i do sympathise and it would have been the knees that did it for me, what is it with knees as we get older???

Paula Hewitt said...

gee Doreen - you must have calf muscles like an ironman now. I hardly sniggered at all while reading this - just the bit when you asked how you were going to get down and he pointed to the stairs. i could just picture the look on your face - and a special trip to the basement as well - better and better!
im glad you survived - just think it could have been worse you could have been carting that giant ball of red wool up and down the steps like the woman in the melbourne tourist ad...

Joei Rhode Island said...

I "hate" elevators...and usually try to stay on floor number 2 or 3...but floor 8!!! YIKES Doreen. I'm glad you made it back.

Virtual Quilter said...

I wouldn't have had a problem going up, providing I could huff and puff a bit ..... but my knees don't like going down one little bit! I would have been stuck up there!
Judy B

Heather said...

Glad you had a good time Doreen, but bad luck with the lift. Look on the bright side though - think of all the calories you burnt off going up and down all those stairs!

Val said...

So pleased you had such a great time - what a hoot!

Doris said...

i am glad that you are back :D
so sorry about elevatoor troubles. 8 floors!! is a hard climb.

Julie H said...

This post made me laugh, at the same time I elevated you to hero status! What a lot of climbing to combine with walking on city streets.