Monday, December 28, 2009

Hippie Who--Hippie Shoes

I got these Birkenstock shoes for Christmas --more power to the flower!!
When we were in Melbourne at the beginning of this month the Birkenstock shop was around the corner from where we were staying and each day when I went past I would look admiringly at this pair of shoes---well not this exact pair but you know what I mean.
I have always wanted a pair of Birkenstocks but they were always a bit expensive(I thought)
Finally I said to Stephen "I know what I want for Christmas"and I took him around to see them.
"Are you sure you want that pair?" he asked -"What about the ones next to them"
"Nope" said I "I want those ones".
My family think I am trying to be a Hippie but I don't care because I love them and they are so dammed comfortable-and to hell with the fashion police.
Anyway I was meant to have them because there were only 3 pair left in stock and one of them was my size--yippee.

We had a great Christmas the food was excellent (was there ever going to be any doubt?) the company was great and it rained--not bucketting down rain-no- just gentle rain--for three days
it has rained-the grass has started to green up and today the sun is out.
The tree against the garage was covered all over with beautiful orange flowers on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day half of them were on the ground like an orange carpet-but they still looked beautiful.
I can't remember when we had one day of continuous rain let alone three days of it.
Ahhh who wanted to go outside anyway--Ebony and her Dad got themselves a Wii for Christmas and our daughter and her husband got themselves one also and Stephen and I just swanned around enjoying each others company.

Now I am about to do some sewing--like real sewing--like I am going to teach Ebony how to make herself some clothes so I have to cut the pattern pieces out (I hate that job) and get it all ready for when she comes out.
Like wow man!


Janet said...

OMG! If those shoes were purple I'd be in heaven! But even so, I love them!! I'm like you, I say the hell with the fashion police. I now wear only what's comfortable. That's one great thing about being older!!

Aussie Jo said...

Go flower power!!!

Hilary Metcalf said...

Doreen, those are seriously cool shoes!
Dale had better watch out - she has competition!

Yes, the rain has been lovely, hasn't it?

downunderdale said...

Join the shoe club, Doreen - I always knew you were a girl after my heart but you will have to run fast to catch up.....

Pat said...

Funny, I thought of Dale the minute I saw your gorgeous shoes.
Comfort and style,wow. How exciting for Ebony, can't wait to see

Jacq said...

Congratulations on your first pair of Birki's. The only thing I have woren for the past 35 years.

Monica said...

I love the shoes, Doreen. Like you I have enjoyed the rain - we received nearly 70mls here and we're not very far from you.
Belated Christmas greetings and best wishes for 2010.

Dot said...

Doreen - not only are you a gorgeous woman you are a very groovy one too! Love those new shoes. And I am very happy you had a lovely Christmas.
Much love
Dot xx

Fran├žoise said...

Your new shoes look wonderful! (I want the same pair!)
Enjoy your sewing time with Ebony. Regards.

Carol said...

Oh gorgeous,
I have a cream pair with paisley patterns all over, I love them and never have them off my feet, I always get compliments on them so there are lots of people out there who like funky footwear :)

Susan D said...

I'm with you Doreen comfort over fashion, but they are so groovy. Flower power rules.

Joei Rhode Island said...

Too Cool Girlfriend!
Birkees are the *best*. Owned many a pair and loved them all...but none with such a statement! Fashion police should be fired...I'm sure they are jealous.

Maureen said...

Peace Sister, they are really a groovy pair of shoes!!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love your new shoes! I, too, have reached the point where comfort is far more important than style (actually I reached that when I was a teenager and couldn't buy anything stylish anyway for my big feet). The fact that yours have great flowers is a bonus!

Val said...

Love your new shoes Doreen - they look absolutely fab! and comfortable! Can't be bad!
Happy New Year to you and all the family - look forward to all the local goings-on in 2010! Val


Fab and Groovy!

Flower power to you Doreen! I love 'em! Do they do them in pink?

Just wanted to send you love and blessings for 2010 and to say thank you for all the lovely comments you leave for me. You always say the nicest things petal

Lots of love and creativity
Carolyn x

Ro Bruhn said...

Love the shoes, my daughters call me a gypsy or a hippie due to my clothes, I very rarely have any problems with them wanting to borrow anything.
Thanks for our kind wishes too.

kiwicarole said...

Those shoes are pretty darn cool! I've given up on worrying about what others may think. As long as I'm comfy nowdays! A great Chrissy present!

katelnorth said...

Great Birks - I have a pair that shape in black (which replaced a pair that shape in light brown suede) - i adore them, SO comfortable. Love the flowered ones, though - next pair might have to be more decorated...