Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've been having fun

This week I decided that I would make some cards because I always find it so relaxing to make them.
I have so many stamps that it's not funny but I forget to use them when I make cards.
After I have made 6 or 7 cards I think "oh I should have used such and such a stamp".
I own a good selection of stamps with ladies on them and these are the ones that I use the most.
The first one is a stamp made by Stamp-It in Perth WA and it is called At the Opera-Elizabeth.
First I stamp the image onto a piece of card stock and then I stamp it again onto a piece of coloured paper either plain or printed.
Next I cut out the hilite peices that I want to use from the coloured one and then I glue them onto the background one.
I know I can hear you saying "why don't you just colour them in" in the first place.
I just like the look of it this way.
Lastly I add a bit of glitter to make it sparkle.

I don't know who made this stamp--I got it at our local stamping place and it wasn't expensive either.
In this one the umbrella -boots and bag when stamped on the coloured paper turned out a dark brown colour because of the stamp being solid in those sections where-as the coat only had the outlines.
I tarted up the umbrella and bag with glitz.
I added some paper that had Autumn leaves on it to add that windy Autumn feel to the card.

This one is another one that I got from the stamp shop and I don't know who it is from.

This is another one from Stamp-It and is called "Lady at the Races"
I love this stamp and I use it the most.

This is the latest one that I bought-don't you just love those pointy shoes.
I had to cut out all the bits-the gloves and hat and make sure they are done perfectly or else you can see the background stamp when you glue them on.

The last 2 are made using hand made paper-fabric and an artificial flower.

My daughter got me these flowers when she was working in Dubai several years ago.

Now I have to make some male type cards --men have birthdays too don't they.


Val said...

What a wonderful collection you've made - how can you bear to part with them. Mind you, if it was my birthday, I'd be absolutely delighted to receive any one of them!

Doris said...

i love all the the cards, the ladies are my favourite.

Micki said...

The cards look fantastic.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

These are all so elegant! I do so many other things but never seem to get around to making cards. I should!

Janet said...

Wow....I love your ladies! Your cards are beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you did them, too.