Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fiber Fever October swap

Finally my page has arrived at it's destination so I can show you what I did.
My swap partner was Wilma and her theme is "Thinking of France".
There were a lot of things that I could have done but whenever I think of France I think of Paris fashions.
I have a wonderful piece of fabric that has ladies dressed in very fashionable clothes so I cut one of these out to use.
The background is silk fabric with a piece of gold mesh over it and then the lady was appliqued onto this.
I stitched the words Paris Fashions on my Bernina and added this to the page.
I finished up doing a zig zag edge in purple thread to finish it off.

I know that Wilma likes it and I was very happy to make it for her.


Heather said...

This design is lovely Doreen - your lady is suitably fashionable and great fun.


Love "Paris Fashions" Doreen

Thanks for entering my giveaway. Your answer made me chuckle :o)

Have a lovely sunny Sunday

Carolyn x

Fran├žoise said...

Lovely! Very elegant.
I like Paris.

Sandy said...

Perfect. I think of fashion too when I think of France.

Aussie Jo said...

Fantastic Doreen, very chic.
I am madly hand stitching the last bits on my sea angels to go to Melbourne Wednesday morning.

Val said...

Gorgeous Doreen - I bet Wilma was delighted. We have a programme on TV at the moment showing Art Deco fashion in Paris - just wonderful!

Jan said...

Oh wow Doreen... what a very 'sassy' Parisienne lady. Beautiful colours and beautifully stitched.
I love your 'pounded' iris atcs as well. They could be watercolours... they are so delicate.
p.s. Looks like we will both be getting a Zutter for Christmas then?!! I must keep reminding myself to be a good girl!

Maureen said...

A real Sophisti-cat - looks good Doreen !

Dot said...

What a fun and colorful piece!