Tuesday, May 1, 2007

My Mandala "Determination"

Recently I joined an online group called The Artists Muse this is also the name of a book written by Betsy Dillard Stroud.
The idea is that the group will work their way through the book creating art pieces as we go.
The first chapter was to create a personal Mandala.
This is my Mandala .
I chose a spiders web because of the strong determination that the spider shows in building it's web-it perseveres against all odds to complete this wonder of nature. I chose red as the background for the web because red represents determination -danger-energy-power and strength all characteristics shown by the spider during his arduous task.
The green outer border is a complimentary colour to red and represents growth and harmony and is opposite to the danger of the red.
The fiber to make the web is silk which the spider produces and it is very stong but light and elastic and is said to be stronger than steel fibers of the same thickness.
I started with a red circle which I backed with craft vilene (thanks Lynda).

And then I machined the web in a fine silver thread.

I then attached this to a piece of hand dyed green fabric which I had continued the web design onto but this time I used green thread.

I then machine appliqued the red circle to the green border with a ziz zag stitch.

And this is what it looked like before I added the spider--below is a detail of the above processes

And here is a close up of the spider which I hand embroidered from beads and thread.

I am also a very determined person and I was a bit afraid in the beginning when I joined this group that I would not be able to do these projects but like the spider I found the inspiration to complete my mission and I am glad that I did.


Annica said...

Wow Doreen! It's wonderful! The web looks beautiful and I love your spider!

Purple Missus said...

Wonderful piece of work Doreen and I like the reasoning behind it too. Well thought out.
On the subject of spiders webs - I remember hearing on the radio that they are harvesting a particular spider so they can make bullet proof vests from the web thread - I'm sure we could probably find a use for something like that in our textile work!

Alis said...

I love spiders and you just have to admire there determination.
I love your spider mandala and the thoughts behind it.
Hugs, Alis

Joanna van said...

Doreen, I love this spider...even though it freaks me out a little! Very well done.

Carol said...

Fab work well done. I love the story of this.

Judy Rys said...

Great job. Love the beaded spider.

sjandik said...

Well thought out. I like it. Sorry you don't like spiders; they are so interesting. This is a good way to deal with our fears. Sandy in La Center

sunflowerkat said...

Thanks for sharing the entire process. Spiders fascinate me for just the reasons you mention. It's a really wonderful piece!


StegArt said...

I'm glad you were determined! It turned out great.

linda stokes said...

beautiful spider Doreen & a good idea for a mandala. Sounds like your new group will be a good motivation for you, not that you need motivating! Thanks for your nice comments.

Dotee said...

Amazing work Doreen. And I too love the thoughts behind it.

You are a wonderful textile artist..

Susan D said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and working method with us. I don't mind spiders its other creepy crawlies I can't stand, but my brother would run a mile if he saw a spider.

Dianne said...

Love your mandala Doreen!! I love the web, and even though I really don't like spiders at all - I really do like yours!!!