Wednesday, May 9, 2007

My Altered Book

Recently I made a comment on Micki's blog about her altered book and said that I had made an altered book.
Micki asked to see it-so I have decided to put it on my blog.
Now I suggest that you make a cuppa and get yourself comfortable because it is a long story.
I decided to make this book partly as a memory to my Mother and partly because I had been collecting old sewing things and needed to do something with them.
The book that I used was one that I had won at school for Home Arts (sewing-cooking and all that stuff)
Chopping it up was not a problem because I had never read it anyway
The title "Picking up Pins" comes from early memories as a child sitting on the floor while my Mother did her sewing because she was a dressmaker and I had to be in the room while she did her work.
I haven't put all the pages here because it would take forever to explain -so here is a glimpse of what it is all about.
Through the window you can see the notice that states why I won the book. The next page is the contents page- and I have listed all the chapters in the book here.

Chapter 1 is Trims--and I have added on the next few pages things like lace- ric rak braid etc.

Chapter 2 -is Threads and these included hand and Machine threads -mainly pictures.

Chapter 3- is Fasteners-press studs -hooks and eyes etc.

And I also added a zipper which does open and close on the page.

Chapter 4- is patterns I photo copied an old paper pattern and instructions etc.

Chapter 5 -is notions-scissors pins tape measures etc .

Chapter 6 -is fabrics -I have a selection of fabric pieces in this chapter that mean something to me -the one on this page is a piece of fabric lace that I made on Solvy.

These pieces of fabric are from an old dress that a friend gave me.

Chapter 7-is Sewing Machines--

This page has stitches that I sewed on my machine-I removed several pages-painted them and stitched on them and then glued them back in the book.

The last 2 pictures are on the second last and the last page.
The photo is of me-taken over 20 years ago in one of my own creations that I had sewn.
I have written the story of how and why I made the book and if you click on the pages you should be able to read it.
I hope you enjoy the read.


Purple Missus said...

Doreen, thats brilliant! I love it. You've done a really good job tying it all in.
What does the bit on the front of the book mean - Wivenhoe? Theres a village near us called that, any connection?

StegArt said...

A fabulous book Doreen. My favorite page is the "stitches" page.

sjandik said...

How clever you are and what a wonderful memory. My altered book hasn't gotten past the painted pages stage. Sandy in La Center

Micki said...

A truly wonderful book. Thank you for sharing this, Doreen. I like that you made the chapters for it. You have captured the theme/memories marvelously.

Susan D said...

What a lovely way to remember your Mum. I get my love of sewing and textiles from my Mum, she was a tailoress before she got married and passed her knowledge on to me.

Peticelul Romanesc said...

What a great book, what a great story! You inspired me to do one, from my mothere for my daughter:)Corina

Hilary Metcalf said...

Fantastic Doreen - love it!!

Dotee said...

Doreen - this is fantastic!! What a lovely tribute to your mum. Would love to see this altered book in person one day.
Gorgeous work...

Ati. Norway. said...

Hi Doreen, I am impressed what you did with that book. It looks so intresting now.
I like to do something like that myself.
Only one question; did you cut out useless pages? because the book will be much thicker from all the fabric, paint etc?

MargaretR said...

What a great altered book Doreen. you reaally have inspired me to try to make one too. It was so intersting.

Gunnels blog said...

A lovely book, Doreen! thanks for sharing. I am going to do a altered book to my self, sometimes!

Dianne said...

What a great book!! Love the stitches page.... This is something I would also like to try.