Friday, May 4, 2007

ATC's received

I have recently received two beautiful ATC's and I must apologise for not showing them before this.
The first one is from Emmy and I love the colours.She also enclosed some samples of hand dyed fabric-needle felting and some fibers.
When the envelope arrived it had a big sticker on it stating that it had been opened by Australian quarantine officers --because they thought they saw something suspicious in it when it went through the xray machine.Now I ask you does this look very suspicious to you----
Maybe the wanted to look at Emmy's beautiful card. Then I received this lovely card from Ati which has beautiful hand embroidery on it.
Also enclosed was a beautiful piece of fabric and a matching piece of fiber.
Thanks to both Emmy and Ati for their beautiful art.


Dianne said...

More lovely mail!!

Micki said...

Great mail!

Emmy said...

I am glad you got it I recieved your to thank you for this trade

Dotee said...

Looks like you have received some beautiful art in the mail Doreen. Emmy's work is beautiful and Ari's is too..

Penny said...

You are lucky to get this lovely work. I like your mandala as well