Sunday, May 13, 2007

Girly Tin

Yesterday I did a workshop at my favourite Paper Art shop and we made this great tin.
We stuck the papers to the tin using double sided tape and then we added the embellishments.
The trims are either ribbons or braids and they were stuck on with double sided tape also-in fact everything was stuck down with double sided tape.
The shapes were cut out with paper punches from either paper or card stock.
We then tied on some ribbons to the handle and added tags to the ribbons.
The front of the tin is above.
And here is the back-------

The top-------

One end-----

and the other end----

The tin is about 17cm W x 13cm H x 10 cm D and was painted white in the beginning.

I think I will use it for something special like saving money for an embellisher.


Purple Missus said...

This is fun Doreen. Did you buy the tin from the shop or is it one of your own? This is a great idea.

Joanna van said...

THis is a lovely little tin. I hope you find a good use for it.


Papoosue said...

Ooh Doreen, your tin is lovely! I did one like this last year for my daughter, decked out in pinky papers and with 'secrets' on the front and pretty ribbons and ric rac along the handle. I forget who makes those tins but they are great fun aren't they.

Dotee said...

I love your tin Doreen. The colors are lovely. It is very bright and feminine. Looks like it would have been fun to decorate.

Hope it fills very quickly with money so you can buy your embellisher!

Dianne said...

Oh, this tin is very lovely. Good luck with the saving....