Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Recently I received this ATC from Gunnel and I should have posted it on my blog before this but I forgot, sorry Gunnel.
I love the way she used a postage stamp on it and she has also used her own marbled fabric. Today I received a small parcel from Sandy Jandik from La Center in the US
Sandy and I have been friends now for about 12 months -we met through an ATC swap.
Recently she won a piece of fabric left from a project that Sue B had made and I asked Sandi if I could have any scraps that she didn't use.
You can see on Sue's blog a photo of what Sandy made with her piece of fabric.
And I bet Sue didn't realise that her fabric would have ended up in so many different places.
Anyway she did send me some and here they are- they aren't big pieces but when I put them together I know I will use them and I will show you later what I have done with them.
I do have something in mind.
Thank you Sandy for sharing.

She also sent me some scrappy bits of fabric which is like sending coal to Newcastle as the old English saying goes but hey a girl can never have too many bits of fabric can she.

I intend to do something with them and then share it with Sandy--so keep looking in the mail box Sandy but give me a couple of weeks.


Sue B said...

Can't wait to see what you do with that fabric!

Gunnels blog said...

Thank you Doreen for you lovely ATC wich arrived today!

Dianne said...

Lovely ATC from Gunnel! Can't wait to see what you do with SueB's fabric....

Penny said...

You are lucky to have so many loely bits and pieces coming in the mail. I love what you have bwen doing with the nuno felting.

Sandy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with the fabric. Each country seems to have a slightly different set of fabrics. SAndy in La Center