Friday, June 1, 2007

The Postman made me Happy

Today I received in the mail from Dianne some gifts of her wonderful art.
There was this beautiful mermaid doll that she sent for Ebony.
The hair is just fabulous and she has a bra made from shells,
If I were a mean Nanny I would keep her for myself- but I'm not -so I won't.
And there was also a pendant that she made in an online workshop with Sue B plus one of her little books that she had posted on her blog recently plus 2 lovely freeform crochet circles which I will use on a project that I have in mind.

Thank you Dianne I love all of these things and your craftsmanship is amazing.


Maureen said...

Thanks for visiting KenMaursCorner Doreen........aren't you lucky though:
Receiving from our Faery Di!!
And those scraps you showed in previous going to n/f them??

Purple Missus said...

Lucky you Doreen. Dianne is very talented. I love her style of work.
And isn't Ebony a very lucky girl too?

Janet said...

Ebony is such a lucky girl! That mermaid is beautiful!

I've been away for too long and need to catch up on all that's been happening!! I could be here at the computer for days!

Jacquelines blog said...
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Jacquelines blog said...

A mermaid from Faery land? lucky Ebony, I hope she has lots of pleasure with her!

Dianne said...

Glad they arrived safely Doreen!! I'm still compiling another "little" package for you.