Saturday, June 16, 2007

TAST Week 24 French Knots

This week in TAST we have been doing French Knots and am I in heaven.
French Knots are my most favourite stitch of all the embroidery stitches.
If I need to fill in a gap in my embroideries then I choose the ever reliable French Knot.
I have used a hand dyed Linen in soft mauve/pink shades but it hasn't shown up very well in the photo.
The threads I used are plain and Variegated silks and cotton .

I have included some French Knot embroidered pictures that I did about 10 years ago.
The first one is an old English cottage that had been photo transfered onto cream fabric.
I purchased the print at a local craft show and my intention was to only embroider the roses on the cottage wall.
But as you can see I got carried away and did the lot and I am glad that I did.
I had this framed and it is in my lounge room.
The embroidery itself measures 10 cm by 12 cm.

The next one is another framed French Knot embroidery that I had worked off a photo which I took at Floriade.
Floriade is held annually in Canberra in the Spring (late September early October).
It is a huge display of flowers beds and the display is truly amazing-it takes weeks to set it up as the thousands of plants are grown in a nearby nursery and then taken to Commonwealth park where they are arranged to create fabulous designs within the park.
The festival runs for four weeks and the flowers are planted so as there is a continual display during the whole period.
Here is my interpretation of one of those beds of flowers.
The embroidery is all French Knots and the very dark purple ones are pansies.
I was unable to get a thread that was dark enough so I used one strand of the darkest purple I could find and then added a strand of black.
The size of the embroidery in this is 8 cm by 4 cm and is all done with DMC embroidery floss.

And here is the photo that I took at Floriade- the colours in the embroidery are the true colours
-the photo is mounted behind the embroidery for reference-for some reason it hasn't come out in the true colours that I took to show you here.

I love French Knots ------


Purple Missus said...

Oooh! Doreen, I am positively drooling at all these French Knots! And that last piece you created from the photo is absolutely amazing.It must have taken you an age to complete. Its lovely.

Micki said...

I agree with Lynda, these are amazing. I especially like the cottage.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for posting some of your beautiful French knot work, Doreen. It's very inspiring!

Annica said...

Yes, you really do love french knots don't you. :-) Lovely work Doreen!

Susan D said...

One of my favourite stitches as well. I love them all but especially the last one.

Sandy said...

Wonderful French Knots. I love all your stitchery. Sandy

Penny said...

I like french knots too but these are wonderful, I did a french knot drawing at one stage too but i have no idea where it is. Lovely.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

This is ALL french knots?! Wow! What a great interpretation of the photo.

matilda said...

il tuo cottage รจ delizioso.
ciao matilda

neki desu said...

here's some beautiful and very labor intensive work. i can tell you love French knots!

neki desu

MargaretR said...

I love what you have done with the French Knots, Doreen. Wonderful!

Margaret said...

Really amazing work. Thank you for all the inspiration.
Margaret H