Monday, April 16, 2007

TAST Oyster Stitch Week 15

I have finally finished my sample for Oyster Stitch.
And did I have some problems with this one in the beginning.
Once I discovered that I was doing something wrong I was o.k. but it was touch and go there for a while.
I thought that this was going to be the week that I wouldn't be posting a sample.
Now that I have mastered it I love it and will definitely use it again.
The threads I have used are Perle 5--variegated Embroidery thread and rayon ribbon floss on a pale blue counted linen fabric.


StegArt said...

Yep, I bet I'd probably do that one wrong too. Glad you figured it out. It looks like a beautiful stitch.

Papoosue said...

Your Oyster Stitch looks lovely - I like the colours you've used too!

Micki said...

It looks great. I still have to give it a try.

Penny said...

These look great, havent got onto that one, doing the bonnett stitch at the moment. Had enough problems working that one out. I am so behind with being away and sick but getting there.
Fibre forum was GREAT.

Janet said...

I'm trying to cath up....this stitch looks like flower petals or maybe small leaves. Very pretty.
I love all your cards, and charms, and the letter "D" is great. You always do fantastic work.

neki desu said...

like your sample a lot. fun stitch once one gets the hang of it .

neki desu

Dotee said...

This is a really nice stitch Doreen and I love the embroidery thread you have used.
Am very keen to get into more textile art. And will be visiting The Thread Studio in Perth early June. No doubt I will buy heaps of goodies there!

Annica said...

Your sample looks great! Love the colours!