Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Special Day

Today has been a very special day for me because for about 5 months my friend Dimity and I have been making a Church Banner for the St Michael and All Angels Anglican Church in Hall a small village on the border of New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.
The Church is a small building and would probably only seat about 50 people and was built some 60 years ago.
The Church that I attend is St. Barnabas Church and St Michaels is part of our Parish.
The banner consists of a central panel in blues starting from dark at the bottom going up to light at the top and will be a permanent fixture.
On either side of the central panel is a panel that will be changed with the Liturgical seasons i.e yellow-red-green and purple.
The bottom of the side panels will always start with a dark blue section first.
The Magpie is an Australian bird and represents the Holy Spirit(instead of the dove in this case)
The Magpie is also a special part of the Hall church because it can be heard warbling during the Church service.
The Gum leaves represent the Congregation gathering to worship and also reflects the Gum tree that is in the Stained Glass Window at the opposite end of the Church.
The Magpie was worked by Dimity on a base of black felt and is all hand embroidered using black and grey wool-cotton and silk threads and has a white leather beak that we shaded with a black fabric pen.
Dimity also made the leaves and then I applied them to the banner by machine-I stitched some of them down with satin stitch and blanket stitch and some were stitched down the centre allowing them to stand up in 3D effect.
The movement that comes from the design is amazing.
And to have it hung for the first time on Easter Sunday is so special.
This is the Panel with me on the left with Bronwyn our Minister and Dimity on the right.
Click on the photo's to see a larger view

This is the Stained Glass Window at the other end of the Church It has an Australian Gum tree in the foreground and rolling hills in the background.

I forgot to take a photo of the Church.
Thank you Dimity it has been a privilege for me to have worked with you on this special project.


StegArt said...

Wow, the banner is beautiful. You both did a fabulous job.

Susan D said...

Congratulations on your beautiful banner and to have it unveiled on Easter Sunday must be so special for you both. I love the stained glass window.

Dianne said...

Congratulations on the completion and hanging of the banner - it is fantastic!! It must be wonderful to see it hanging..... I love the stained glass window with the gum tree.
Hope you had a wonderful Easter Doreen!!!

Fran├žoise said...

It's beautiful Doreen!

Purple Missus said...

It really is beautiful Doreen. You have both obviously worked very hard at this and to have it hung on Easter Sunday makes it even more special. Well done.

sjandik said...

It's lovely. How special to have it hang on Easter. Sandy in La Center

Papoosue said...

The banner is absolutely lovely, really wonderful Doreen.

Julie H said...

Just beautiful and so so special. I just know this banner will bring joy for a long tome to come. What a blessing you are to this congregation.

Annica said...

Congratulations Doreen! The banner is beautiful! Making something this big is quite an achivement, you must be very proud!

Dotee said...

Oh Doreen, the banner is beautiful! I remember you telling me about this banner a while back. And to see it completed is so lovely. Love the meaning behind the design too. The Magpie is perfect! You and Dimity should be so proud of yourselves.

Lovely photo of you, your minister and Dimity.

Beautiful, beautiful work and very spiritual too. And I love the stained glass window. In your very special church.