Monday, April 9, 2007

Photo of St Michaels and all Angels Church

I received this photo via e-mail today from Katrina and Michael Morton who attend St Michael's Church at Hall.
Because they are unable to comment on my blog they have asked me to comment for them.
I am putting it on as a posting not a comment.
Quote "It is such a privilege to have the opportunity to be able to attend St Michael's and All Angels Church as parishioners and be able to look at the Banner each time we enter church.
What a great effort by all concerned" Unquote.
Katrina and Michael

Thanks Katrina and Michael for you comments.


Bimbimbie said...

Hello Doreen

congratulations *!*

you won one of my little Kookie-Birds in my Easter Draw. Please let me know your address details for it to fly over to its new nest with you.


Janet said...

The banner from your previous post is so pretty. I'm sure the congregation will enjoy it for many, many years. I like how the church is nestled in the trees in this photo.

Dotee said...

This is a lovely photo Doreen. Like Janet I like how the church is nestled into the trees. Beautiful..