Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Surprise Mail

Yesterday I received in the mail this beautiful Tassel from Joanna which surprised me because we only talked about a swap last Monday/Tuesday.
Now we all know how hard US Postal and Australia Post work(I don't think) but they sure worked miracles this time.
It only took 6 days from the time Joanne posted it until I had it in my hot little hands and that included 4 days of public holidays here in Oz.
I would say that is some sort of record.
Sorry about the photo because it is a much nicer colour than it looks here.
She also sent me this great card making book because we are going to do some Card swaps.
It is full of great card making techniques so maybe I will get to use some of the stamps that I have purchased (because I couldn't live without them) and haven't used yet.
Thank you Joanna you are a very generous friend.


Janet said...

I simply love tassels! And this one is beautiful. That does seem like record time for the mail!!

Stamps seem to end up in my shopping basket all the time! I think they jump in when I'm not looking! I have quite a few but still always seem to need the one I don't have!

Joanna van said...

I'm glad everything go there so fast and I hope you have fun with the book! I just tried twinkling H20's for the first time today. I kinda like them!


Dotee said...

Lovely gifts Doreen! And very speedy ones too.
I received a parcel from the US on Tuesday that was only posted last Friday (the postal angels must have been working for both of us).
Love to you and Ebony xoxo

Lynne said...

Hi Doreen, I went back to the beginning of your blog this evening and read all your posts - love your stuff and wish I managed to produce that amount!

Dianne said...

The tassel is beautiful.