Friday, February 16, 2007

TAST Feather stitch

This week in TAST we are doing Feather stitch.
My intention was to do an under water scene with seaweed and little fish and all that- but some how I have ended up doing my usual type of sampler.
I think the reason that I keep doing this type of sampler is that I have been keeping my samples in an A5 folder with plastic sleeves and they really look nice -also I find it hard to change what I am doing.
I suppose I really only have to please myself and if this is what makes me happy so be it.
I once again have worked on Linen and again I don't know what type it is .
The thread in the first 2 rows is the same hand dyed one that I used last week and the third one is a textured thread that someone gave me and I added a bit of glitz with a gold thread .
I have also added some beads as well.


Sue B said...

Wonderful job!

Annica said...

Pretty! I love the colours and the beads. Very nice!

Dianne said...

Beautiful thread and lovely stitching.

kay susan said...

Like the bright colours in this! Love your ATCs.

Penny said...

Beautifully done as always.