Sunday, February 4, 2007

Lavender--Lavender and more Lavender

A friend asked me if I would like some lavender
because I make lavender sachets .
Not being one to say no to any gift of lavender I said yes
I don't have any lavender bushes in my garden because my husband gets hay fever from it.
Well I couldn't believe my eyes when I went to collect it--there were 3 huge garbage bags waiting for me.
Now I have to strip it- but first I have to hang it up to dry out -so it has to hang in the garage
and with this very hot weather we are having in Canberra at present it should only take several days.
If nothing else comes out of all this --the Garage smells fantastic at present.
There are 14 bundles altogether.
Oh lucky me.


Dianne said...

3 Huge bagfulls!! Just throw it in a box and send it to me (only joking). I LOVE lavender - everything I have that is scented in my house is lavender. You lucky thing.

Carol said...

Oh how lovely, I miss my scented plants since we moved to a flat,

StegArt said...

How generous of your friend. Have you started making your sachets so they are ready for all that lavendar?

Janet said...

You are the lucky one! All that lovely lavender. What a wonderful friend you have. I wish I had "smell-o-blogger" so I could enjoy the scent!

Lalhezar said...

You are going to smell beautiful for quite some time I think