Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Playing with Paper clay

Yesterday I had a great time making embellishments with Paper clay and moulds .
Paper clay is a very pliable moulding mixture that air dries within 24 hours .
The one I use is called Delight but it comes under several different brand names.

You have to knead it for a minute or so and then you push it into the moulds and it can then be released immediately so that you can use the mould again straight away.

When it is dry you can paint it using most colour mediums until you get the desired effect that you want.
The face moulds I have used come from Krafty Lady an Australian business but I know they are sold in other countries.

The other patterns were made by rolling a piece of paper
clay over different textures.
I then painted these with Adirondak Colour wash-and
I used Raisin-Lettuce and Stream and then added
a bit of gold for good measure.

I felt they needed more so I gave them a wash
with walnut ink then Acrylic wax and a bit more metallic.
I used "Goldfinger"metallic in the colours
Green gold-Sovereign gold or Copper.

I now have the result that I was looking for and I will use these for ATC's and on my mixed media art and any where else I can think of.


Dianne said...

Oh, wish I could've played too!! These are wonderful - especially love the textured ones.

Dotee said...

Oh,what a feast for the eyes Doreen!! You really do try lots of different things.

I love paper clay and Delight is my favorite brand. I love how it is so flexible and light. It lasts for ages too!

Have been drooling over Krafty Lady molds for ages and you have inspired me to invest in some. I have quite a few molds I have bought through ebay which are good too.

I love making clay faces and have used lots of them in my art dolls. And like you, use lots of different color mediums to color them. Lumiere paints work well. Do you use them?

Love those patterns you made..I want to reach out through the screen and touch them....mmm... I use the Adirondack alcohol inks to color the paper clay sometimes and it works well. Must get some of the color wash. Lettuce and Stream are two of my favorite colors - and butterscotch.

The Goldfinger you used added the perfect touch.

Cannot wait to see what you make with these!!

Sue B said...

I haven't tried paperclay yet. You got great results with it. Love those faces.

Purple Missus said...

Yo! Goldfinger! A girl after my own heart :)
Love them.

StegArt said...

Looks like you had a fun day! These all look great. I really like that face mold design.

Micki said...

Wow, looks like a great play day. Love everything.

Janet said...

Oh, those look so pretty! I have some paper clay and have never opened it! I guess tomorrow I'll have to get it out and give it a try.

Sande said...

Oh, those clay pieces are going to be so much fun to work into pieces! And your postcards are beautiful. One would never know they were your first.

Pretty Lady said...

Thank you for participating in my blog. I am going to give it a try to these paper clay faces and to the TAST. Thank you for sharing the information. Your blog is full of very creative ideas.