Friday, February 16, 2007


These are a couple of portraits one by me and one for me. The first one I did for my friend Ola as a present a couple of Christmases ago.
The idea came from an earlier Quilting Arts magazine- I can't remember which one and I have been searching through them all for days to find out which one it was but to no avail.
The second portrait is of me as seen in the eyes of my (almost 7 year old) grandaughter Ebony.
Would you believe I had to sit and pose for this and it now hangs with pride on the pin board in our kitchen so I can admire it each day.
The decision that you all have to make now is~ does she really look like that~.
I'm not saying but Ebony thinks that I do.


Dianne said...

The portrait done by you is fantastic!! What have you used for the hair? Ebony's is so lovely - what a lovely portrait!!

Fran├žoise said...

This is lovely!
Now, we just need to see a picture of you in your profile!

Purple Missus said...

Another budding artist! Thats not a little tear coming from Grandmas eye is it?

Carol said...

Doreen, what a fabulous portrait, Ebony is definitely following in her Nan's footsteps.
PS yours is pretty good too :)

linda stokes said...

You've got lovely eyelashes Doreen!
Great portraits.

StegArt said...

I've been loving these self portraits ever since I first saw them in QA mag. This one is great! And what a budding artist you have there.

SeamRippstress said...

These are both lovely and they have similar features so your likeness is in there! I have that article in my pile of QArts somewhere. Thanks so much for your lovely comments (made my day) and you can link to me anytime!