Friday, February 2, 2007

TAST Chevron stitch

This week in the TAST Challenge saw us doing Chevron stitch.
I am not sure what the fabric that I used is but it is a pale blue counted thread fabric-something I had stashed away.
The threads are Perle cotton and variegated embroidery floss.
I also added a few beads on the top row.
In the bottom row I stacked the uneven rows on top of each other and in the last row- which is the pale blue one I went under and over the previous rows.
I think this ties the whole row together.
Again I enjoyed doing this stitch and I am getting a nice collection of samples in my folder.


quiltpixie said...

love the bottom pic of the stiches at varying heights and widths...

Dianne said...

You are doing so well with TAST challenge - I am 2 stitches behind (tch, tch....).

Sue B said...

Nicely done Doreen. I really like the colors that you used. I especially like the bottom sample.

downunderdale said...

like the bottom one, Doreeen - looks like I will have to explore chevron stitch further

Penny said...

Hi Doreen, thanks,for the comment on my plastic fabric, I havent got the workshop on the web with that in it, or at least i dont think I have, only joined last year.
Love what you have done with your Chevron stitch especially the bottom one.

Carol said...

I love the bottom sample, its great seeing other peoples slant on the same stitch

Dotee said...

Love seeing these new stiches Doreen! Like how you have overlayed it in the bottom sample.