Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dyeing Day

Last Saturday our Creative Embroidery group had a dyeing day and we had the best day- with 17 members turning up.
One of our members is brilliant at dyeing (and everthing else)
and she showed us all about the different types of dyes that can be used for dyeing.
Most of the group had a dabble at everything but I was more interested in the Microwave dyeing because I only ever want small amounts of fabric or threads etc. dyed and I want instant gratification.

I had decided to use some silk scarves that I had picked up from the op-shop and over dye them because I rather like the surprise that you get when you open up the bag.
The first picture was a square scarfe in a butter colour and I squirted a bit of red-blue-and yellow dye into the bag and let the wicrowave oven do the rest.
The second picture was a silk crepe scarfe that was a light teal colour with yellow spots and a bit of green here and there and I squirted the same colours into the bag.
The overall result was fantastic--I have just selected these photo's because you can see some of the original colours in them as well.
They will come to good in projects that I have coming up in the future.


Micki said...

They look so yummy, Doreen. Do you have a microwave dedicated for dyeing only or are you using the family one?

Doreen G said...

Yes Micki I have an old second hand one just for dyeing.

Lalhezar said...

Doreen They look fantastic. Well done.

Dotee said...

Doreen - these are beautiful! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I am instant gratification girl like you so the microwave method sounds perfect.

Look forward to seeing what you do them!

Penny said...

How wonderful to have a group to do things with, I have one friend but she is a good 1/2 hour away and also a dairy farmers wife so we dont get together a lot. Like the look of these, must look for silk scarves!

Janet said...

Love the colors of these! I have not done much dyeing but the microwave method sounds easy.

linda stokes said...

These are lovely Doreen, especially the crepe one. What dye did you use?