Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another Challenge

Another Challenge is about to begin.

Every 2 years the ACT Embroiderers Guild in conjunction with their Annual Exhibition -holds a Creative Challenge.

Members are asked to purchase a kit for a small amount of money and are given a selection of fabrics -ribbons- threads etc and then the challenge is to make something from the kit.

There are certain rules connected to the Challenge -some of them being that you must use at least 50% of everything in the kit-you can add any support item such as interfacing or wire mesh but it must not be visible when on display and you can add any embellishments as long as they are in the colours of the fabrics in the kit and your chosen colour.

This years Challenge is Black and White plus one other colour.

The kit contained a fat quarter of both black and white fabric plus some black perle cotton-white braid and black grograin ribbon with white spots in two different widths.
I must add no more than a fat quarter of my chosen colour.

My chosen colour is lime green (I think a lot of people will choose red) because I love lime green--and I didn't find it hard to collect ribbons and other embellishments in lime green because I have lots of them in my stash.

I did buy the black and white buttons and the very narrow black and white ric rac braid.

Now the only thing left to do is come up with an idea as to what to make(I do have several running around in my head) but I don't want to rush into this and I don't have to have it finished until the beginning of October so you will have to wait until then to see the end result.
Let the Challenge begin.


Sue B said...

A terrific combination of materials to work with. I think the lime green is going to look smashing with the black and white. Whatever you create, it's going to be beautiful!

Dotee said...

What an interesting project Doreen! I think your color choice lime green works very well with the black and white.

Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Purple Missus said...

Oooh! Black & white - my favourites!
I think you're right, a lot of people would choose red, (me included), so I think the lime green is a really good choice. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

mesa said...

das ist eine interessante zusammenstellung!!! ich bin schon neugierig, was daraus wird.

linda stokes said...

Sounds a fresh & zingy colour combination Doreen, love your latest ATCs too.

Dianne said...

Love black and white - and the lime will really jazz it up. Looking forward to the finished piece.