Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Creating Paper fabric

These samples are about creating a fabric from lightweight brown paper and fabric.
I first painted the brown paper with dynaflow dyes and when it was dry I crumpled it up to give it texture.
Next I ironed some bondaweb to a piece of fine cotton .

I placed the crumpled painted paper face down on the ironing
and then placed the cotton fabric with the bondaweb side facing
down onto the paper and ironed it.
I then ironed some previously painted bondaweb onto the painted
crumpled paper to get the finished effect.
These are only sample pieces so now I can make a larger peice to make a book cover for my TAST samples.


Dotee said...


I love what you have done here! Thanks for sharing the technique.

The colors are amazing.

You are very talented!

Maybe we could do an art swap at some stage ? (would love to).

Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. Very nice of you to drop by!!

Dianne said...

Oh, this looks gorgeous!! Love the textures you've created and the colours.