Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sewing on the felt

Last week Ebony was supposed to hand stitch on the piece of felt that she had made previously.
But no -what she wanted to do was Machine stitch it.
With much fear and trepidation I agreed.
The first time I sat her down on my knee and I controlled the foot pedal and she controlled the sewing on the felt.
But she was not happy with this---she wanted to do the lot.
With reluctance I let her have a go and like as if she had done it before she stitched away without any trouble.
I think all those times when she sat next to me and watched what I was doing have paid off.
When it was done all her fingers were intact and the machine hadn't jammed up --so I think we will call it a success.
I was so proud of her but not half as much as she was .
Next week we make the handles


Gunnels blog said...

Oh, what a sweet little girl! Of course she want to do it herself!!!!

Thank you for the nice comment on my blog!

Dotee said...

Doreen - What beautiful photo's of Ebony sewing at your sewing machine. She looks quite at home!!And that piece of felt she made is beautiful.

She must love having you as a grandma.

And her hair is absolutely gorgeous...

Purple Missus said...

She looks like she was born to it and what a wonderful Grandma you are to let Ebony touch your beloved machine!

Dianne said...

Imagine having such a creative Grandma - Ebony must love it. Her felt piece is lovely, and so is she!!

Carol said...

Oh this is a gorgeous picture, she looks as if she is concentrating, what a wonderful start for her.

Janet said...

How cute she looks sitting there at the machine. And she has a good teacher it seems. My grandma used to sew for me when I was a little girl (she had a treadle machine) and she helped me make doll clothes. Those memories that you and Ebony make will remain with her always.