Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Free Machine Embroidery

Here is a piece of FME that I re-discovered along with yesterdays piece.This is a sample that came about from showing one of the groups that I belong to how to do reverse applique.
The base fabric is lime green coloured silk satin with several wavy shapes cut from a piece of pink and grey fabric that had some metallic threads through it -bonded on the top of it.
Over the top of this I placed a layer of black nylon organza.
I then FME around the outer edges of the shapes then stitched a free hand design over the top in straight stitch--cut back some of the layers to reveal what was underneath and then FME stitched around all the edges.
I think the reason this sample was hiding from me is because every time it re-surfaces I have to resist the urge to cut it up -- mmmm-maybe it would make nice post cards or ATC'c-- oops there I go again.
But really I must do something with it.


Dotee said...

Am really enjoying seeing your rediscoveries(such a nice name for them). I admire how talented you are with fabric.

Mmmm...if you do decide to cut it up and make ATC's I would love to do a swap with you :)

Dianne said...

I love this rediscovery!! What is the trick to cutting back so it looks nice and neat like yours?