Friday, January 19, 2007

Gifts from Queensland

I received this tassel in the mail yesterday
from my friend Robin in Mackay Qld.
Before Christmas she had sent me this
wonderful little box that she made .
The box instructions were from an article
by Carol Fletcher in issue 20 of the
QA magazine.
Her detail to stitching is incredible
and I just adore both gifts.


Dotee said...

Doreen - your friemd Robin is very talented!!

I love the tassle and that little box is so special. Never seen anything like it.

Dianne said...

Great gifts!! Wonderful tassel and treasure box!! I have photocopied the pattern for that, but still haven't made one yet.

Joanna van said...

I love these tassels. Where did you and your friends learn to make such beautiful tassels?