Friday, January 26, 2007

TAST samples of Cretan stitch

Here are my samples for Take a stitch Tuesday
this week we did Cretan stitch.

Most of the designs I stitched are from a book titled Crazy Quilt Stitches by Dorothy Bond.
This is an amazing little book and full of ideas and designs for Crazy Quilting.
I had forgotten that I owned it-and I must use it again.
Cretan stitch is another stitch that I enjoyed doing.
I mainly used DMC threads but the mauve/blue variegated thread is by Needle Necessities.
I am still having trouble with my photos because the background fabric always appears to be dull.
I am using natural coloured fabrics and I take the photos in different
light sources but they always appear dull.
Can anyone help me as to what I am doing wrong.
Maybe I should forget this fabric and choose something else.


Sue B said...

Your stitching is wonderful!

smarcoux said...

Doreen how fabulous that Ebony took to sewing so easily wow .. that is great. I found your blog via faery dis blog she belongs to a yahoo group that my sister runs likeminded threads...


Dotee said...

Lovely stitching Doreen. And the photo's look fine to me.

Micki said...

I love the designs you did with the cretan stitch. Can't give you any pointers on photos, cause mine don't always come out the best. :)

Purple Missus said...

I have trouble with my photos too Doreen. Francoise has emailed me a link to a really good site which has lots of hints. I will forward it on to you. I too liked the Cretan Stitch this week. Only did a couple of samples but I feel sure I will be using this stitch a lot in the future.

Lin Moon said...

I love the combination of colors you used and also your flower additions to the TAST stitches.

Susan said...

I *love* my Dorothy Bond book. It and Miss Carole's book, travel with me everywhere. You've done a great job with her sketched stitches. I also love Needle Necessities threads - my favorite cottons. I like the appearance of the bottom row, where you stacked several different versions on top of one another.