Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week 5 Samples for Embellisher workshop

Here are some of my samples from the week 5 class on the embellisher with Dale at the Thread Studio
The first one is wool rovings wound in a spiral and embellished then I added some fancy threads plus a chiffon scarf and embellished the lot--then I zapped it with the heat gun creating great texture.

This is the reverse side and it is nearly as nice as the front.

This sample is a serviette on foiled felt and strips of different coloured chiffon scarf--embellished and then zapped--yummy

This one is felt-hand dyed Tissutex--silk rods--wool threads and a chiffon scarf--embellished and then zapped.
I think this will become a needlecase.

Another piece of Tissuetex with a chiffon scarf --embellished and zapped-- double yummy.
Tissuetex is a paper that thinks it is fabric- very strong and takes dyes beautifully can be stitched on and can be purchased at The Thread Studio.

This week it will be week 6---the last one and I must say that I will miss it when it is all over.
I have learned to experiment with fibres and papers and fabric and that most things can be embellished(as long as they don't break the needles that is)


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Gorgeous samples again! I would say you are getting your money's worth out of this class.

Joanna van said...

This Tissuetex sounds facinating. Yet another thing to buy:) I can see how much you are learning in Dale's class. Beautiful work.

Annica said...

Wonderful samples! Must be a great class, wish I had the time... Happy to enjoy your work though. Thanks for sharing!

sharon young said...

Wow, Doreen, you certainly have got a lot out of this course, fantastic samples and i can't imagine how you will make needle lace out of one of them.

Jan said...

These are beautiful Doreen - I love the colours and the wonderful textural effects that you have achieved. You seem to have enjoyed the course!
p.s. thank you for popping in to visit my blog x

Jacquelines blog said...

They are gorgeous samples Doreen.I am very curious wht you are gonna do with them.

Debbi Baker said...

These are beautiful Doreen and I especially love the last one - perhaps it is because of the colours!

Lynne said...

These samples are lovely - glad you're enjoying the course.

Paula Hewitt said...

Lovely samples of your embellisher work. I have nominated you for an award and meme, but please dont feel obliged to play along.

Tricks said...

Hi Doreen,
It's great to read all about how you are doing with the embellishing classes.

I have come along here today to tell you that I think your blog is great and for that reason I am nominating you for an award, Just pop along to my blog for the details, well done Tricia

Homeleightigger said...

Wow Doreen - just gorgeous, and so tactile - I'd love to touch! Val

Dot said...

I love what you have been making here. And I love circles so the top piece really appeals to me.