Thursday, July 3, 2008

ATC's and Postcards

Recently I have been involved in Postcard swaps with members of the Stitchin Fingers Postcard group.
The first one is the postcard that I sent to Judith in the UK-- I don't think Judith has a blog.

And this is the one that I received from Ruth P in Queensland and again I don't think that she has a blog either.
This PC would have fitted in really well with our Calendar Girls swaps.

Ruth also sent Ebony an ATC which she loves especially the big E------

And these 2 ATC's for Ebony came as well from Mary-Anne which were in the parcel with my red white and black crazy quilt block.

Thanks everyone from Ebony and from me as well --we are indeed very lucky.


Maureen said...

love that first postcard, cheeky I know but how did you do it??

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I don't know so much that you are lucky, because I know for a fact that you earn it! Lovely postcards.

freebird said...

Those postcards all look nice. I've joined stitchin fingers but haven't joined any groups yet - I'm trying to get all my projects and classes under control so I can join in and have some of the fun.

These were eye candy for sure.

Julie H said...

I finally caught up with your blog and am amazed by all that you have achieved. So many beautiful stitched and patched pieces. Love the postcards too.

Purple Missus said...

Dead right about the card from Ruth P - as soon as I saw it I thought it was someones PC for July :)

Dot said...

Lots of beautiful eye candy as per usual Doreen. Thinking of you and Ebony (and say to hi to Stephen for me too).

Dot xx