Friday, July 25, 2008

Final Week 6 Embellisher piece

This is my last piece for week 6 of the Embellisher class run by Dale at The Thread Studio.

I could have made a vessel or a box but I have opted for another magic carpet mainly because I am running out of space to display 3D type things.
I used a piece of teal coloured commercial felt as the base and then added some teal and burgundy hand dyed Tissuetex then embellished it from the front and the back.
Next I added some inchies that I had made ages ago from left over felted bits and 3 hand covered buttons which I had made several years ago and never used.
Finally I did some hand stitching with the last of the Marrakesh silk thread by Colourstreams---that I had-I love these colours as I have said before.
This is not a very big piece only 4" x 9".
This was a terrific class and I have learned heaps and I advise anyone with an embellisher and needs to know more about it to enrol in Dale's next claas starting in early August it is well worth while.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I love your work on this...the red buttons just make it pop. It sure looks as though you had a great time with the class!!

Purple Missus said...

This is lovely Doreen. Those red buttons were a really good choice. I agree with you about the class, Dales got some fabulous ideas and didn't the six weeks just fly by :)

Janet said...

Another beautiful piece! I love the colors you used here and I like the red buttons, too. This class sounds like it was a lot of fun and I'm sure you hate to see it end.

sharon young said...

Fabulous piece, Doreen, I just love those colours, so vibrant!!!

Monica said...

It looks beautiful. I'd like to do this course but I'll have to wait until I get an embellisher.

Micki said...

Love your magic carpet. I enjoyed the class very much. I am struggling with my final? piece. As usual, I am overthinking and having trouble instead of just going for it.

Julie H said...

The frost picture below is wonderful - hope you had a warm heater to sit by though.
I am loving everything you made in Dale's class (what a wonderful world that we can do classes online) and this piece is so bright and cheery for winter.

Homeleightigger said...

Just wonderful Doreen - I love all those inchies (had a closeup look at the pic.!) I shall miss your posts from this Workshop! Val

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful piece! I have to catch up with your other posts now..

Susan said...

Hi Doreen!
Between traveling, framing enough to pay for traveling, CYBER FYBER, life, and art, reading blogs has become more of a luxury than I'd like. So, please forgive me for writing just this one comment to cover many of your recent blog posts. Know that this message is meant several times...each with a smile and a true sense of appreciation of you and your talent!

So....I've enjoyed your embellishing work, the sketches for your journal class, and especially the photo of Ebony in the adorable karate uniform. Your TIF blocks are wonderful and I'm truely studying them as each has enlightened me about the possibilities of crazy quilting. Honestly, your work is always so inspirational and I find myself thinking about your blocks often as I tackle my "Crazy Blues" project. Thanks for sharing all these ideas and combinations of thread, buttons, and beads.

Yet, the post I found most insightful is undoubtedly the one written in response to Paula's award. Why is it the the "Bad" Bosses always end up with the honest, hardworking, happy, generous, people who come on time, take decent messages, and rarely try pathetic excuses? Why is it the the "Good" Bosses always end up with the deceitful, lazy, angry, staff who are never punctual but quick with lame reasons for every failure? Okay, this is a gross exaggeration. I did have many more wonderful people than horrible ones...but the horrible ones nearly killed me! (By the way, I NEVER referred to anyone as an "employee"; we were all CO-WORKERS!)

I don't know if you peek over at "My Family" blog but recently I received the most amazing birthday gift from a lady who worked at Mouse House. Also, Doris Schmitz worked here and is the only CYBER FYBER trader now from Iowa. At the time she and I worked together, neither of us were much involved with stitching! Plus, one of the most difficult posts I ever wrote was on March 15, 2007....just try writing a post without naming a person or giving any indication of that person's gender! It was, however, one of the best moments of my of those spiritual experiences of watching someone redeem themselves and about forgiveness and God's miraculous ways of working in our lives.

Dot said...

This is stunning Doreen.Love your use of colors (as always). And those red buttons make it pop! I know what you mean about running out of space to store 3 D pieces too. My home is full to the brim with art (but I do love it). Your tassles hang in pride of place.