Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Look out Look out----

Jack Frost is about------
Look what I woke up to this morning--brrrrr------the ground was white and crunchy.
Himself wanted me to go for a walk with him---I don't think so---not until all that frost is gone.
As you can see we don't have much in our back yard because of the water situation here---we used to have lots of trees and shrubs but gradually they have all died and we aren't going to replace them until things improve if they ever do.
OK now back in front of the heater for me.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Oh yuck. I hate that white stuff and I'm so glad it's summer here!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The snow looks good to me. Its in the upper 80s here in Chicago and the air conditioning isn't working.

Monica said...

The frost was all gone by the time I surfaced. I was very tired after a week of travelling (Wagga Wagga & Melbourne). I now have a pile of washing to do.

sharon young said...

oooh!! I'm so glad it's the middle of summer in the UK, I hate this stuff

Maureen said...

Oh dear, you're getting colder and we are - at last - warming up.

Purple Missus said...

I disagree with Sharon. I wish it was like that over here. The heat and I don't go together very well:(

Dot said...'s freezing down here too Doreen. Mind you it has been lovely to have a bit of rain. I actually have green grass on my lawn.

Am hanging out for Spring.