Thursday, July 10, 2008


Several weeks ago Susan asked Ebony and I if we would like to trade with her outside of the Cyber Fyber swap--well of course we said yes and our Atc's from Susan arrived today-----
The one on the left is mine and it is fantastic---it looks like she has done it with machine embroidery and a soldering iron.
The one on the right is Ebony's and again it is beautiful---thank you Susan.

These are the two that we sent to Susan----
Again the one on the left is my one that I sent to Susan--it is made from scraps from a class that I did years ago with Ken Smith a great Australian Machine Embroiderer --and the other one is Ebony's which is made from her first piece of machine embroidery and she has added a bow and a button to it.

Thank you Susan so very much for the swap as I know how busy you are these days.


Micki said...

Lovely ATC's, both yours and Ebony's and the ones from Susan. Ebony is becoming quite the little artist.

Maureen said...

Love both susan's atcs and I have to say Ebon'ys machine embroidery looks better than mine - must start practising.

Sandy said...

All of the ATC's are wonderful. Ebony has certainly become an artist.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow! I'm really intrigued with the hole-y one you got..beautiful.