Friday, July 11, 2008

Studio Journals online class

I am doing the online Studio Journals class with Sharon Boggan through and we are into the second week already (the third week is due tonight) and I haven't posted anything here before about what I have done so far.
I have been a bit slow getting into this as I have been snowed under with other projects but I have had to bite the bullet and put pencil (and glue) to paper and start.
I am only showing you a few of the things that I have done so far because most of it has been a lot of journaling --writing down the why's and wherefore's etc of what I wanted to achieve.
I have uploaded these photos back to front so you will have to either scroll down to the bottom and read up or just read on as is.
The second week is all about colour I have cut out a picture and pasted it in the middle of the page --surrounded it with paper cutouts of the colours that are in the picture and then chosen DMC threads in the same colours---

This is a page that I coloured with watercolours and then placed a scrunched up piece of cling wrap over it and let it dry--giving a page of fractured colour----

These are a couple of samples I did last year on Yupo-- done in watercolours and salt was added to create an interesting background.

In week one we were given a Van Gough picture to draw in black and white and then describe what stitch we would used to embroider it.
My only comment is that Van Gough would have nothing to fear from me if he were still alive today.

Another thing we had to do were some rubbings---these were done with a graphite pencil---the first page is rubbings of tree barks and concrete---

This page is rubbings of some of my mother's glass dishes that I inherited and the basket in my sewing room is the one in the top right hand corner.

When I first started this class I was a bit afraid that I would not be able to keep up with what I was meant to be doing but I really only have to in the end please myself --it is not a competition just a learning experience.
As I was looking for something today I discovered lots of note books where I have started to take notes and drawings of projects that I had been working on and not realised that I have in the past been doing just what this class is about --now I will be able to keep everything in the one place--so I have learned something already.


Homeleightigger said...

Hi Doreen - I so agree with the last paragraph of your blog - I've recently discovered the same thing myself!! (Is is something to do with age do you think?) Your rubbings look fantastic, specially the treebarks. I recognise the 'stitched' Van Gough - starry night. Your notebook looks very inspiring.... Val

Plays with Needles said...

I signed up for this class as well and have been unable to get to the lessons. I"m hoping that today is my day! I enjoyed seeing what you've done so far...and I think your Van Gogh pencil lines are brilliante!

Sandy said...

You've done a lot from the looks of this. I keep trying to get to it.

dogonart said...

I really like what you have done so far. I signed up for this class and am finding it a bit of a struggle to keep up. It was suggested spend 30 minutes a day on the journal and I think that will help. Love the rubbings you did. Am learning a lot from other people. Thanks.

sharon young said...

Looks like your really getting on with this course, and your colour choice is stunning, love the thread wrapping.
I think it's much the same with a lot of us, we feel as if we need the structure of a course to help us work out the process of creating a piece from start to finish, so that it becomes second nature instead of a bit of a wooly beginning, an uncertain middle, and with a lot of luck a triumphant finish :-)

Tanguera said...

Van Gogh would have to worry, your Starry Night looks great.

Paula Hewitt said...

Im sure van gogh would be wanting drawing tips from you if he were around today - I recognised it! Im glad to be seeing some of the journalling class being blogged about, - Im curious to know how its going

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Wow...I had forgotten you signed up for this class too. You ARE busy!! Your samples for this one are great too. I am especially intriqued by the rubbings..made me think of intricate embroidery patterns.

Fran├žoise said...

Beautiful! You'll get so many ideas for new work. Have fun.

Julie said...

Hi Doreen! I'm on this course too and am only just starting the colour exercises. Your own exercises are looking good. I think you've put it in a nutshell "I really only have to please myself" That is the beauty of this course, there is no right or wrong way and I keep that thought in my mind.