Monday, June 30, 2008

My crazy block has come home

Earlier this year I was involved in a crazy quilt block swap with Mary-anne in Canada.
we each pieced a block and sent it to the other person to be embellished.
After it was finished it was then returned to the original person.
My block returned home today after a 10 week journey--maybe it had 2 weeks in the Bahamas and 2 weeks in Hong Kong--a couple of weeks in the UK--2 weeks in Dubai and another 2 weeks in NZ and finally it arrived in my post box today.
It has been well worth the wait though as it is truly beautiful.
I chose the colours because I wanted to see what MA could do because she told me that she could work with any colours not that I doubted her but I thought it may be a bit difficult.
Well she sure showed me didn't she.
Did you notice the red maple leaf buttons and the canadian flag button--I can't believe all the work that she has put into it--I keep looking at it and admiring something new.

MA also enclosed some pieces of fabrics for me which if they had turned up in time would have been perfect for the June TIF challenge.

MA also included an envelope for Ebony but she won't get it until Thursday evening.
I will show you MA's block that I have embellished when it arrives at her place.
Thank you MA it is an amazing block.


Janet said...

The quilt block is just beautiful, and I like the colors....very elegant.

Magpie's Mumblings said...

I am so relieved that it finally arrived!! I really do wish it could tell the tale of all the adventures it's been on in the past ten weeks.

Maureen said...

A lovely block - will it be going into your book? Shouldn't be on here , should be working with those knitting pins!

Homeleightigger said...

Amazing Doreen - just wonderful! The bit I like best is how MA has changed the straight edge to a curved edge with the white lace - just magical. Val

Susan said...

We've been thinking along the same lines again. Your envelope went into the mail this morning. Later, the mailman brought your wonderful ATCs to my door. I love them both! They are officially my first non-CYBER FYBER trades! I agree with Ebony's design sense....I love the button! I also adore the handwriting and am so glad she included it. With practice, it will not have the lovely presentation of youth....that isn't evident on the sophisticated front! Thank you both so very, very much!

sharon young said...

No wonder your so pleased with the block, MA has done a fantastic job, it looks wonderful.

Dot said...

MA has done a wonderful job. Such beautiful colors and her embellishing is beautiful. Look forward to seeing the one you have made for her!