Thursday, June 26, 2008

ATC's received and sent

Recently Ebony and I traded ATC's with Anne in France ----
The top two are the cards that we received from Anne and they are exquisite.
Anne does the most beautiful cross stitch ATC's and we are lucky enough to each have several of them.
Have you ever seen such a tiny cross stitch sampler in you life--
The one on the left is mine and of course the other one is Ebony's.
Click on the photo to enlarge them and see for yourself.

Below are the ATC's that we sent to Anne--
The one on the right is mine and it is hand felted with hand embroidery.
Ebonies is a paper art one with lot's of glitter---she loves glitter at the moment.

Thanks Anne for asking to trade with us and as usual it is a pleasure.

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Carol said...

They are all beautiful. Trading is such fun isn't it?